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Footage of Possible Bigfoot in Utah - Cryptozoology News
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Footage of Possible Bigfoot in Utah

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — A group of Bigfoot researchers have captured two shiny eyes that they “suspect” could belong to a Bigfoot.

The RMSO, also known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, were on a night expedition in Cedar Mountain when they captured the image.

The Cedar Mountain Wilderness, surrounded by the Skull Valley and the Great Salt Lake Desert, is located in Tooele County, south of Interstate 80, and is home to feral horses that were introduced in the late 19th century.

“Kelly and Mike were out on a night investigation when this image was captured. Sixth sense about something watching them and being able to smell one of them near. Just after this image was taken in the video you could hear the sound of rock clacking which more then likely was this animal walking off,” they explain on their official website.

The video segment showing the creature’s eyes begins at 46 minute mark and lasts approximately 60 seconds.

RMSO estimated the animal to be around 9 ft-tall. Additional activity was also documented, such as a “bipedal track way in the snow” and “whelping vocalizations”.

Bigfoot eyes? Credit: RMSO/YouTube
Bigfoot eyes? Credit: RMSO/YouTube

The group is formed by a few Sasquatch researchers with a 6-7 year of experience in the field. They focus their research efforts in Northern Utah, Southern Idaho, and “at times”, they say, they “reach into other surrounding states.”

“We are believers in sharing the raw experience with everyone in our search for Bigfoot so what you get is exactly as it happens,” they write on their YouTube channel.

The footage has already generated thousands of views, with hundreds of users rushing to post comments and help find hidden clues.

“Maybe nothing,” says YouTube user John McGarvey, but did anyone notice the two reflections at 22:52 to 23:00 behind the closest bush about center screen when the light was panning around?  It was two reflective “dots” at an angle near the top of the bush.”

The video has also called the attention of veteran bloggers, like the diligent Bigfoot Evidence.

“This is creepy,” they wrote about the event. “What’s scary about this eye shine encounter was how quiet and close the creature was,” they added.

While the RMSO are not claiming the mysterious eyes belong to a Bigfoot creature, further analysis is required in order to determine whether the image is related to the supplemental activity recorded in the area.

You can watch the entire video below:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Louise Brigham

    August 28, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    i am from skull valley go up in the fall after deer hunting. you will see what you are looking for. why i say after deer hunting? a deer hunter will tell you he shot a deer an when he gets to the spot it went down in it will not be there. the blood will be there but not the deer.

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