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Girls Encounter ‘Bigfoot’ at Virginia Lake

BIG STONE GAP, Va. — A woman came forward Tuesday regarding a “Bigfoot” encounter she claimed to have experienced decades ago.

Patty Long, currently a resident of Indianapolis, says she was only 9 years old when she and her aunt, Sarah, came upon the alleged beast in a small lake of Wise County, Virginia.

“I was a very curious little girl, and you know, as children back then we pretty much had freedom like they don’t have now. And to go on the mountains to explore, go swimming in a hot day in a lake down by the woods was pretty much every day thing for us,” she told Sasquatch investigator Ed Brown in a 48-minute-long interview.

The two girls were reportedly swimming in a lake near what she called the Jimmy Hot Dog area on a hot summer day when they noticed a deer carcass floating in the water.

“There was a field that we would walk through. There was this big lake. We got there a lot, all the time. That day we got into the water, playing around, I look over to the right and I tell my aunt, ‘eww, what is that?’.”

As they approached the dead animal to investigate, says Long, they heard a loud grunt-like noise coming from behind the bushes.

“When we looked over we could see it. The creature was hunched down. We saw it stand up, looking straight at us. He sat there for maybe about five seconds before he stood up,” she said.

Long says the animal was about 30 feet away from them. “He looked at us for a couple of seconds like saying ‘are you guys gonna run?'”

But according to the eyewitness, they were so terrified of what they were seeing that they could not move. It was then when the purported creature apparently decided to take off into the woods.

“We were just stunned. We were there with our mouth open like ‘what the…’ He just turned around and started walking. You could hear he was just picking up pace, trees knocking into each other like fire crackers, really loud pops,” she explained.

1421069552qg0bqShe describes the animal as a 7-feet-tall human-like creature with 5-inch-long brown hair covering its face and body.

“It was a big human head, extensive hair growing. It looked like a humongous man.”

Long confesses that, back then, she had no idea what Bigfoot was, but that now she is sure that what they saw that day was not a bear nor a human.

“It was not a bear, when you grow up in the mountains, you see bears regularly. Bears can stand up, but this was more like a man. He is shaped like a man.”

The animal, says Long, didn’t appear overly aggressive. “I don’t know if Bigfoot was cleaning the deer. Any animal I know, they don’t like when you put your hand down to their food. We were so small, we could have been easily overtaken. His reaction was kiund of make a loud noise to make us know he is there, and he left. I think he was letting us know he was there or he was mad. I know he could have killed us.”

Brown, a no-kill advocate who has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for many years and is part of the BigTruth community group on Facebook, believes the reported animal was just trying to scare away the girls so that he could eat its meal.

“It sounds to me like he had just got a kill, and he was ready to eat. He heard you guys coming and he hid hoping you would just walk by. But when he saw them swimming and then they saw the deer, he was a little upset,” he said. “Lucky for you,” he told the woman during the interview.

Some Bigfoot research organizations, such as the BFRO, theorize that the cryptid exhibits a natural curiosity toward domesticated animals, loud noises like cars or chainsaws, and “especially the screaming of children at play”.

Cindy Barone, a 13-year-old girl from Michigan, claimed to have found a Bigfoot in her barn in 1981, saying she had been able to touch the creature’s “fur”.

In 2014, a 10-year-old boy from Kentucky claimed he saw a Bigfoot creature staring at him through a window outside his home. Eight months later, another boy said he had spotted an albino Sasquatch in Maine. Just a few days went by when an 8-year-old Canadian boy reportedly snapped a few pictures of what some researchers believed to be the elusive primate.

Also last year, an Ohio woman contacted Cryptozoology News claiming she had been repeatedly kidnapped by a group of Bigfoot beings in 1962.

Long claims not to be a member of any Bigfoot organization and believes that what she saw that day was the real cryptid and she wants people to accept its existence.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what we saw was a Bigfoot. I know it was a Bigfoot. People should know, this is an animal that we haven’t found yet. What is it so hard for people to believe there is an animal like this? They should realize he is not a monster,” she said.

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  1. daniel clavette

    February 14, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    It just wants people to believable them that saw real big foot and people just acccets it.

  2. Brett Allen

    July 25, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Not being able to move in the presence of a Bigfoot is becoming a more commonly reported phenomena. In fact, Native Americans have long claimed that Sasquatch have such an ability: to hunt and even communicate with the mind… but hold back other knowledge they know the non-Native culture will never accept. Brett Allen – Cover UFO Magazine 2009

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