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Connecticut Man Reports Bigfoot Sighting

Conn.– A man from the northwestern part of Connecticut claims he saw “Bigfoot” on top of a hill in the open field of an undisclosed location somewhere near the New York state border.

Derek, 26 , was reportedly “scanning the field for deer” in 2007 when the sighting took place.

“It was July early morning, I had put out a salt block in a field like this, used to attract deer, so it was between 6 and 7 a.m., and when I crossed to the top of the hill, I scanned the field for deer and there were no deer in the field,” he told Chris Billingsgate,  a Sasquatch researcher from Hartford. “But towards the top, on the left portion of the field, there was uh, what looked to be a Bigfoot.”

According to Derek, the alleged beast was about 150 yards from where he was standing and looking right at him.

“It must have seen me come up over the hill and I remember that was the thing that actually scared me the most… it was having something looking right at me, there is no question that it knew I was there. And I froze and it was not moving, so for a moment I was questioning what I was seeing, but there was a certain authenticity about it that had me scared and it didn’t look like a suit or like, you know, staffed animal or something like that,” said the eyewitness.

The creature, he added, confirmed his fears when “it just turned and walked into the woods”, disappearing “rather quickly”. He then proceeded to head back to his cabin, located “one quarter of a mile from the actual sighting”.

“I didn’t go into the woods after the creature. I just went back to the house. That afternoon, I did go back up later with my brother to investigate a little bit further. The salt block, which typically takes a couple of weeks for a deer to lick down, was gone, and we had put it there the night before.”

Derek shows Billingsgate the hill where the alleged Bigfoot creature showed up. Credit: Chris Billingsgate
Derek shows Billingsgate a similar hill where the alleged Bigfoot creature showed up. Credit: Chris Billingsgate

The animal’s height was estimated at 6 feet 5 inches. Derek says he is sure it wasn’t a poacher in a ghillie suit because “it wasn’t carrying firearms or bow and arrow at the time” and that he could make out its face from that distance.

“It looked like black, leathery, from here to that distance, and I would say it was a pretty even mix between a gorilla and a person,” he recalls. “It had a triangle, it had a broader chest, more of a narrow waist, it was lanky, it was actually a little more lanky at the bottom and kind of bulky at the top.”

Billingsgate, who has numerous theories about Bigfoot’s habitat and its abilities, believes it could have been a young individual based on Derek’s description of the creature.

“A lot of the older ones you might, you hear about this massive bulk, this 900-pound thing, huge but I think a lot of these more slender sightings I just kind of assume that it’s either a very old, old one, or a younger one, you know? ” explained the researcher.

Another witness, who says he had been sleeping in the area for a few days during the time the purported sighting took place, claims he had been hearing strange “ungodly noises”.

“I was couch surfing and I was sleeping at the couch one night, and you know, you are up in the woods, you are from the city, you hear, you know, you are spooked either way being in the woods. I would have been asleep now, and I just heard this sound, like it must have been a coyote or something. We just hear this ungodly sound, was like a screaming, it just sounds like something is getting killed, and then it abruptly stops. And it is as you are being woken up by the noise you know you are actually hearing something but in your head you don’t know what’s going on, you are making up these scary scenarios. This happened two or three nights at different times when I got out there and slept out in those woods.”

The researcher thinks that Bigfoot creatures, even though they try to be out of sight, they don’t mind to live next to slightly populated areas.

“I think his story is as believable as anyone’s, in that, who really knows who is bluffing or telling of an actual event, or a situation of misidentification,” Billingsgate told Cryptozoology News.

“The only difference between Connecticut and New York is a line on the map, it’s the same forest. As long as they are out of sight, they are not afraid to be close to people,” he said.

In 2009, a Connecticut woman told the BFRO that she had seen “a tall creature looking into her kitchen window”.

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