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Oregon Miner has ‘Bigfoot’ Encounter, Talks to It

GOLD BEACH, Ore.– A man in southern Oregon says he has repeatedly seen “Bigfoot” creatures that “talk” to him.

The witness, a man who claims to have been a gold miner for over 25 years on the southern Oregon coast, says he is not the only one to have seen the beast. His wife, Debbie was also present during some of the alleged sightings.

“I saw him at Lobster creek, down below the basin there in that canyon. He is in here man. I’ve seen him at night time in the camp, there is a big old wood pile, and when I took Debbie piss, I saw him sniffing over her scent, so I know he likes girls,” he explained.

On another occasion, he was reportedly staying at his cabin when he heard the animals making noise outside. When he came out to check, the creatures began throwing rocks at him.

“I had twelve or fifteen of them throwing rocks at me, and they threw the first stone, so… f— them, you know?” he said after allegedly shooting at them with his .22 firearm.

“I felt bad for shooting at him. But it stopped them, you know, they never approached. I don’t wanna wound him or something, they need each other to survive, you know what I mean? They are family. They have a language. I told you they talk, that was no animal either. I tell you, that scared me. I don’t why it scared me, I guess I didn’t expect him to be talking.”

The Rogue River bridge stands in Gold Beach, Oregon. Credit: Yurivict/CC BY-SA 3.0
The Rogue River bridge stands in Gold Beach, Oregon. Credit: Yurivict/CC BY-SA 3.0

Another time, the miner said, he was staying at a house in Bluebill when he encountered the same creature.

“They talked to me up here too, and they climbed on Bluebill. He stared at me and I called him, and he took off running through the grass,” he said.

About 30 minutes later, the miner said he came face to face with the beast.

“And he is screaming at me. I went to the f—— house.”

The man described the beast as a tall, ape-like creature, sometimes black, sometimes red, with a hairy forehead and with the ability to communicate through their own “language”.

“They try to imitate a crow, that’s how I caught them. I kept hearing this calling, and it wasn’t no crow. It was too big a lung for a crow,” he said, as he recreated the “calls”.

He has warned other miners in the area to “be careful”.

“I saw one right here at this corner that sounded like a hog, like a wild boar, but I’ve seen their tracks, and he left a perfect print out there, he slipt, you know, going up to the back, dragging his toes. They came out of this canyon, Debbie and I were sitting over here on this pile of rocks, and he started howling at us and snorting like a hog, you know?”

According to the witness, other people have also claimed to have seen the cryptid there.

“There was a Bigfoot spotted right here at the Soldier Camp, he walked out of my place, crossed over to the soldier camp mountain, then he stopped. The man who saw it said it walked across the road and that it was red, with gray tips, a solid red, he said it was a big male. There was another sighting in that other creek. That’s what that old man said, they call him Bearman. He wouldn’t let him go up to that creek. Why he lives in there, is cause there’s trout in that creek, 15-inch trout. He can get them with his hand you know?  It’s a game for a Bigfoot,” the man said.

Gold Beach is a city located in Curry County with a population of 2,200.

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