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‘My Baby Turned into a Python’, says Killer Mom

SOUTH AFRICA– A woman who killed her baby states that the infant had previously turned into a large snake and attempted to eat her.

The unnamed 27-year-old Kwamhlanga resident told the court on Monday that her 5-month-old baby had “repeatedly turned into a python” and that she was forced to kill the girl in order to avoid “being eaten alive”.

Cars drive at the R573-R568 intersection in Kwamhlanga, South Africa. Credit: JMK GFDL
Cars drive at the R573-R568 intersection 
in Kwamhlanga, South Africa. 
Credit: JMK GFDL

The mother explained that she had murdered her baby by throwing her into a toilet, where she was left unattended and later died.

“I heard voices telling me to take the baby back to the waters she had come from,” she told the South African magistrates, who by the end of the trial determined that the woman was insane and was referred to a mental institution.

Similar incidents have been reportedly taking place in the African continent in the past few months.

Just four months ago, police in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, claimed to have witnessed three boys transform into cats.

In July, members of the Boko Haram terrorist organization, also in Nigeria, said they had been attacked by the ghosts of their victims, who had ‘possessed the bodies of snakes and bees’.

Kwamhlanga, located in the northwestern region of the Mpumalanga province, is home to the Ndebele tribe and witchcraft beliefs are commonly shared among the town’s residents.

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