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Man Finds New ‘Human Face Carving’ in Mars Photograph

A man on Friday said that he believes he has found evidence of an “ancient carved face” in a picture of the surface of Mars.

The photograph, released by the space agency last week, was captured by the robotic rover Discovery and shows a few scattered rocks on a relatively flat portion on the Sol 837 section of the Red Planet.

“There are two or three anomalies in the picture. It called my attention immediately. There’s carvings on a lot of these rocks, somehow water or something… sand, wind,” said Mark Anthony, an “anomaly researcher” who claims to have been investigating NASA photographs for over 25 years. “I started to find very strange anomalies when Spirit hit the ground and started to relay data to Earth. Then, as the other rovers started their missions, I discovered amazing things and as I shared this with my family and friends, even my priest, people were left speechless and put pressure on me to share my research with the world.”

And of all the rocks, Anthony said, one of them stood out right away.

The "carved face" lays next to other rocks on Sol 837 in Mars. Credit: NASA
The “carved face” lays next to other rocks on Sol 837 in Mars. Credit: NASA

“Look at the shape of this thing. This would be the top of the head, this would be an eye, a carved out nose… look at this mouth area, look at how it’s worked, and then look at the side of the head to get the head shape. Look at where the chin is, totally flat,” the researcher explained on a 12-minute-long video.

Anthony suspects NASA regularly adds “blurs” to certain parts of the images in order to conceal the anomalies.

“They blurred it out so much it almost blends with the background.”

Solar wind and acid fog are the two main erosion agents on Mars. NASA has previously stated that groundwater could be the source for erosion in specific sand formations and narrow channels, such as gullies.

However, professor Alan D. Howard at the University of Virginia says that “many landforms on Mars remain enigmatic” and are therefore subject to interpretation.

“Now, is this part of maybe a bigger statue? Who knows, you know, we’ll never be a hundred percent sure, but you gotta admit this is very strange,” Anthony added.

The researcher says he is happy and thankful that interested minds are taking the time to look at his work.

“Even the people that don’t see my point of view, don’t agree with me on everything, I totally get it the way we respect each other,” he said.

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