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Space Enthusiast Finds 'Sink' in Mars Picture - Cryptozoology News
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Space Enthusiast Finds ‘Sink’ in Mars Picture

A Danish man believes he has found what he thinks could be a “sink” in a NASA picture of Mars.

Road supervisor and machine operator Thomas Mikey Jensen, 37, told Cryptozoology News he has been looking for these type of anomalies for about four years.

“I probably spend too much time on it,” Jensen said on Tuesday. “I check NASA everyday for upload and look every evening on new images.”

The photograph, taken by the robotic rover Curiosity from the Sol 776 region, shows the usual planet’s desert landscape with a few scattered rocks shaped in different forms. One of these rocks, says the Danish, looks very much like a kitchen or bathroom sink.

kitchen sink mars anomaly“My first thought was some fancy grinding table or a bowl,” he explains.

Solar wind and acid fog are the two main erosion agents on Mars. NASA has previously stated that groundwater could be the source for erosion in specific sand formations and narrow channels, such as gullies.

However, professor Alan D. Howard at the University of Virginia says that “many landforms on Mars remain enigmatic” and are therefore subject to interpretation.

Jensen believes the oddly-shaped rock is not a natural formation because “it doesn’t fit with the rest of the picture”, although he admits he “can not prove it”.

Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon known for triggering the human mind to perceive a familiar shape or pattern where it does not actually exist, is an argument often used by critics looking to debunk similar findings on the Red Planet.

“I try to keep my mind open for all possibilities,” says Jensen. “The possibility of optical illusion is always present, we have seen it so many times, and everyone that hunts Mars anomalies has been tried to be debunked with optical illusion, that goes for me as well. But better to be debunked with proof, than to put not correct images and info on the internet.”

He doesn’t believe the original photograph to be doctored, although he says NASA is not helpful with these sort of things.

“NASA have a no comment policy! They say nothing. NASA, please explain this one,” he requests, referring to the purported Martian sink.

Jensen, who regularly presents his discoveries on a YouTube channel, says he has received a fair amount of criticism.

“In the beginning there were some very negative and rude comments,” he says. “Every Mars or Moon Space anomaly hunter has had, at one time or another, unfair and rude comments and critics… me too.”

He also maintains a Facebook group, Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club, where he has a compilation of anomalies and allows constructive criticism and possible theories from other social media users.

“I started it last year and now we have 3,700 members.”

The machine operator suspects that the surface of Mars once held some sort of life, but that a big destructive event must have taken place at some point in time.

“To me it looks like one big destruction. Everything we see is destroyed building, statues, half walls, artificial looking objects spread all over the places.  To me it looks like Mars was hit by either a disaster or war. .  But again we only see what the rovers are showing us, and that is less then 1 % of the Martian surface. It would be like sending a drone to the Sahara dessert and let it drive around for a few years and after that say , this is how the Earth is like,  and that would be a false statement,” he said.

Moreover, the space enthusiast says that there could be some life forms currently inhabiting the arid planet, but that we “probably don’t understand their composition”, therefore they can’t be seen.

“I think some of the inhabitants have partial same DNA as humans, and I also believe that multiple species that we never would understand the composition, the look and purpose of is present on Mars.”

Earlier this month, former journalist Andre Gignac told Cryptozoology News that he had found a “decomposing victim” laying on the surface of the otherwise seemingly deserted planet.

In November 2014, an Australian man claimed to have found evidence of ancient technology in another picture of Mars.

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    January 21, 2015 at 3:06 am


  2. Will Robinson

    January 21, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    It’s a rock. They’re all bloody rocks! These Mars people are worse than the bigfooters.

  3. tarn

    August 2, 2017 at 3:40 am

    cool cave

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