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‘Robot Creatures Follow me, Got footage’, says California Resident

HEMET, Calif. — A California resident claims to be repeatedly followed by “robot creatures” in the area of the San Jacinto Valley.

Maron, a man apologizing for having to use speech recognition software to tell his story, said that he has been having the encounters for 11 months.

“There are three crafts that follow me at night,” he documented on the MUFON website last week.

The man also says that he has found the “most strange artifacts” in a field next to his house.

“There is so much activity going on,” he said.

According to the man, these “alien” crafts are bringing some sort of metallic helpers with them.

“These are robot creatures that I had never seen before.”

And Maron also claims to be in possession of “some good footage” allegedly showing these entities.

“I took my cell phone and copied from my Sony DVD camera onto phone,” he said. “I tried to send footage your way but it would say ‘file too large’.”

The five videos provided by the man purportedly show himself in the kitchen while holding a camera on playback mode. The series of footage appear to be the five video fragments forming a larger file . They depict metallic, reflective shapes moving through what looks like an arid ground. In the background, the man can be heard whispering an unintelligible phrase over and over.

Maron shows footage of what he calls "robot creatures" following him in a California field. Credit: Maron
Maron shows footage of what he calls “robot creatures” following him in a California field. Credit: Maron

These creatures, says the Californian, usually appear at night but have also been showing up during daytime.

“They have a sense of humor, however they get pissy easily,” he explained.

According to Maron, the short videos are just a preview of the other evidence he claims to have . He says he would like to have a “field investigator” sent to his property to take a closer look.

“I do not have family. This is mind blowing, it would be worth your time, I promise you this. I have an extra bedroom you could use and I’m not a chatty cathy.”

Maron also says that he will provide “food and coffee” for whoever wants to go investigate.

“I would stay out of your way. This is a big event, I need your expertise,” he said.

On September 16, 1954, the story of Marius Dewilde, a Frenchman railroad worker, soon became national news when he reported to the police that he had been attacked by a group of 3-foot tall metallic “creatures”.

In July 2014, David M. Jacobs, a retired Temple University professor claimed that aliens are already here living among humans, “impregnating women” and creating “hybrid babies”.

A book written by NASA last year suggested that aliens could have already visited Earth.

Also last year, an Australian woman said she had proof of aliens in our planet.

It is not yet clear whether Maron has received the professional help he says he needs.

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  1. Tim

    July 6, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    hey dude, if you’re ever reading this and still live in helmet -I live right next to you in menifee! email me

  2. Juliana

    March 12, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    Of course they are real – but we all have our own life and portion of reality to experience…”right on, feckers”.

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