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Aerial Videographer Films 'Bigfoot' with a Drone - Cryptozoology News
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Aerial Videographer Films ‘Bigfoot’ with a Drone

ROSEVILLE, Calif.– A man in northern California recorded video of an unidentified “creature” while doing some photographic aerial work for a real state agency.

The man, who requested to remain anonymous due to the nature of his work, said that he was testing the area with the flying drone when the device captured the being in an undisclosed location “somewhere between Roseville California and Grassvalley or Colfax California”.

The recording, which lasts about one minute and a half, was reportedly sent to The Paranormal Review, a YouTube channel “devoted to analyzing paranormal activities and breaking them down”. According to the reviewer, the man flying the drone didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until he arrived home later that day and began to review the footage on his computer.

“He went out a couple of days before he actually did the actual shoot of this property and he shot area footage for the property owner. He was doing some practice run to see what angles the owner wanted. He did many different passes across the house to get a general view of the property,” said the owner of the YouTube channel on a 9-minute-long breakdown clip he posted on the video-sharing website early Friday.

The footage shows a dark hominid-like shape slowly walking across a patch of woods located about 400 feet from the house. As the drone approaches the purported creature, its head turns up in an inquisitive move.

“One thing I do have a criticism for is that, right when it sees the creature, it stops and starts to go backwards. What the person who filmed it told me is that he can’t see what he is filming… he wouldn’t be able to see the creature and know where to stop. It’s a crazy coincidence,” the YouTuber said.

Paranormal Review considers the sender of the video to “sound very believable and honest” and that the fact that the alleged creature “stops and looks toward the drone”, which appears to be “normal behavior”, gives the footage more credibility.

“It’s clearly an all black creature, it is possible that it was a guy wearing black clothing. If it is real, it’s incredible footage, but it could be some misidentification.”

Some of the viewers are skeptical about the purported sighting.

“Not buying any of it. Bigfoot videos are always such an amazing coincidence. Couldn’t see what he was filming. Riiiiight. Problem is, he has a camera that tilts and pans in flight. You don’t have a pan and tilt camera on quads that don’t use first person live view. So right there the story falls apart. The guy saw exactly what we saw, real time,” wrote YouTube user Tontar.

“Costume. It moved way to slow to be a Bigfoot. I’m sure he knew the guy too,” says Dave, another critical viewer.

Others, like Shawn, a long-time Sasquatch blogger at Bigfoot Evidence, called the footage “pretty awesome”.

“With drones practically everywhere these days, people are bound to capture something awesome on film,” he wrote.

And Paranormal Review knows it is indeed hard to determine what the “creature” really is, unless, he says he could gather additional information from the man controlling the drone.

“I can’t confirm that it’s real, but to me this is one of the most mind-boggling videos I have ever reviewed. There is so much footage of it, most of them are something running fast by it or blurry. I want to say it’s real, but I don’t have enough information to say it’s real,” he said.

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  1. h

    March 15, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    reminds me a lot of the Scole experiments :


  2. h

    March 20, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    ho I don’t know why is my comment on this page…I probably made a mistake by having 2 pages opened at the same time. My above comment was supposed to be a comment on an article on this website, about a woman taking photos and films for years and having strange lights and shapes (like clock shapes and so on) engraved onto her films , whatever the camera and video camera she would use….
    well sorry for the mistake! But in any case, if you don’t know about the scole experiments, that’s worth giving this documentary a try. Very intriguing stuff….

  3. Mathus

    May 27, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    I see no reason that’s not a dude.

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