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Canadian Finds Decomposing ‘Human Victim’ in Mars Picture

CANADA– A man believes he has found the remains of a murdered human in a picture of Mars released by NASA.

Former journalist Andre Gignac told Cryptozoology News that he found the “disturbing images” with the “usual tools”, such as focus, contrast, exposure, color and tint. The writer, who says he has been interested in astronomy since the 1970s, claims to have been closely looking at images of Mars every day for the past eight months.

“I always look carefully at a given picture of Mars, the decide to focus in one or more areas of the photo. I enlarge said areas, and if nothing of interest appears, I let go and pass on to another area of the photo.  I do not change anything, I do not add anything,” the 58-year-old explained.

The photograph, taken in September 2013 by the robotic rover Curiosity on the sol 387 section, shows an elongated impression that Gignac says looks like a human spine. At the end of it, he adds, there is a “head surrounded by wiring”.

Gignac explains the picture where he found the "dead man". Credit: Andre Gignac/NASA
Gignac illustrates the picture where he 
found the "dead man". 
Credit: Andre Gignac/NASA

“It is as if it had been placed in the middle of an already prepared wired circle,” he says about the purported head. “They are using wiring like that we use in our plants and our gardens.”

The alleged remains, explains Gignac, are “either human, or alien”.

“If they’re alien, it is of a race that is very close to humans.  If they’re human, it means that Earthlings have already landed on Mars,secretly, or have been transported there against their free will. The remains have not dissolved yet, probably because they’ve been placed there very recently,”

But is it possible that the tires of the Mars rover actually caused this “anomaly”?

“What do you mean? Indeed, there appear to be machine debris but isn’t the head clear enough?  And in any event, it can’t be marks made by the rovers.  Because Curiosity has just arrived at the flank of Mount Sharp. The photo actually shows the direction in which Curiosity will be going, not where it has come from,” said Gignac.

So are we looking at an acute case of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon known for triggering the human mind to perceive a familiar shape or pattern where it does not actually exist?

“I stand ready to be convinced that I have possibly hallucinated. I won’t mind being told that I’m wrong, but this is a head. The man has a set full of hair and a beard.”

He goes on to say that he believes some “disturbing activities” have most likely taken place in that particular area.

“If I’m not wrong it means that what we are seeing on these images could turn out to be one fate awaiting humans on Mars,” he said.

Gignac, who claims to have worked for Publications Québecor in Montreal and the United Nations Organization in New York, currently maintains a website where he writes about his most recent findings.

In November 2014, a British man believed to have found the remains of a “giant humanoid” in another picture of Mars.

Two weeks earlier, an amateur astronomer in Australia claimed he had found “evidence of technology” on the Red Planet.

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  1. Mr Magoo

    January 6, 2015 at 4:59 am

    Hmm…yet after the recent claims by a former marine that he spent 17 years on a base on Mars,who knows the truth…I also heard another fella claim a similar venture to bases on the Moon and Mars just a few weeks ago…he claimed there were bases on both the Moon and Mars and that they are “staffed” by military people from all nations of Earth,from the USA,Russia,China,etc etc etc.

  2. candy

    January 10, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    yes, it seems the man claimed it was delta ones like at dulce, nm.

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