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'Bigfoot' Creatures Climb up onto Roof of Texas Home - Cryptozoology News
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‘Bigfoot’ Creatures Climb up onto Roof of Texas Home

Texas– A man says a group of tall ape-like creatures entered his property and climbed up onto the roof of his northern Texas house.

“I was currently staying at my parents place when I had finished college, ” Courts Griner, a man in his mid-thirties, told Cryptozoology News in an interview.  “I was chatting with my girlfriend online, now wife, at around 1 a.m. when I began to hear movement in the front of the house outside,” he added about the November 2005 encounter.

The noise, says Griner, was unusual so he decided it’d be best to leave and go to his girlfriend’s house in Dallas. As he headed out of his parent’s residence, something else caught his attention.

“I was a bit creeped out,” he said. “That is when I caught a quick view of two large individuals cross the front lawn along the fence line.”

According to the eyewitness, the creatures had “broad shoulders” and were over 8 feet tall.

“When seeing this, that was the last straw… I was pretty scared. I had my mother come with me to the porch, because whatever was out there I wanted her to see as well when I opened up that front door.”

As they walked out to the front porch, the man claims they could hear “loud thuds on a tree coming from the fence line in the pasture”.

“I then heard the branch from the oak at the side of the house tree hit against gutter and several ‘footsteps’ ontop of the roof,” said Griner. “I am to this day guessing… that possibly a younger juvenile creature may have gone up the tree and got onto the roof of our home. I was not at the time going to investigate. I told my mother to go ahead and get inside, lock the door and call the authorities if they hear anything near the house.”

He then reportedly got into his car and “left for the night”.

The following day, he explains, at around 2.30 p.m., he returned to his parents’ house and “ventured out into the pasture along the fence line” when he noticed “something large and rust colored in the lightly wooded treeline” at around 300 yards and on the neighbor’s property. According to the man, he had a “pair of binoculars” that helped him see the alleged creature up close.

Griner poses for a picture during his investigative Bigfoot hikes in the Texan woods. Credit: Courts Griner/Blake Downing
Griner poses for a photograph taken during his investigative Bigfoot hikes in the Texan woods. Credit: Courts Griner/Blake Downing

“I saw what appeared to be a very large orangutan,” he recalls. “It was on all fours and viewed me, rocking back and forth, from behind a cedar tree. It would lean out, then lean back behind it again. It then looked to its left and then, slowly, rose up to a height of 8 or 9 feet… it then gracefully walked with both arms swaying to its left and lowered again near the ground. That is when I saw a second one behind it.”

And as the two animals “rocked back and fourth”, they would also look at one another and move their mouths, as though they were communicating.

“They appeared to be talking,” said Griner, “and as I crossed the pasture I noticed something big and black moving through the woods coming the opposite direction. At the time, yes… I had a small digital camera with very-not-useful 55 mm lens. At that time, there was absolutely no detail of any subjects through that lens at 300 yards. There was much more I could see through the binoculars. I looked through them and saw the third Bigfoot creature on all fours viewing me from behind a small cedar tree. It was a little closer, but still at 200 yards to our treeline of our woods. It sat there and look at me, and then looked left in the direction the others were in the property next door. I did not want to venture closer to it for a possible picture due to my safety. I very much regret that to this day.”

But he was able to take a close peek at the purported cryptids. The ones standing on his neighbor’s property had “well built” bodies with broad at the shoulders, arms hung down close to their knees”. They had a “rounded head like a chimp”.

“They moved very gracefully and I could see the muscles in legs moving. I believe it to be an adult and possibly a younger adult together.”

The third creature, which walked all the way to Griner’s property, was “was also very big”.

“It was on all fours and at least four and a half or more as it sat couched on its knuckles behind the cedar tree. It had caucasian skin color, roundish chimp head, more of a short beard, was charcoal black in color and surprisingly I could see faintly, it had grey in its bearded area. I also could see its chest going in and out as it breathed. He seemed to be an adult or close to it,” he explained.

To this day, Griner is certain that what he saw that day were “Bigfoots” and that it wasn’t a “prank or a hoax”.

“The physical qualities of the creatures were of flesh and blood. I know what bears look like. We do not have bears in northern Texas.”

As to why he didn’t try to take a picture of the monkey-looking critters even though he had a camera, Griner says that was the last thing in his mind at the moment.

“I believe one, I was in shock at what I was seeing, and two, the subjects could not be seen at that length of distance,” he said. “I could see much more through the binoculars. Now, I bring a variety of long lenses on every outing in the event that I have the opportunity again. I hope to have that type of encounter with that much detail.”

Griner has now become a Bigfoot investigator and is a member of the Timberline Bigfoot Team, a research group whose mission is “to search for viable, physical evidence of the existence of the creatures collectively called Sasquatch or Bigfoot.”

Bigfoot sightings in the Lone Star State are unusual. Possibly more known to cryptozoology enthusiasts and paranormal investigators, Susan Sullivan series of books, Texas Bigfoot, documented the purported encounters with the beast that she and her family have been experiencing throughout the years on her Texas property.

Reports of Sasquatch spotted in residential areas are becoming more frequent every year. Last week, a man in Tennessee called the police claiming a “Bigfoot” was trying to gain access inside his home.

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  1. Mary Katherine

    April 22, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Same thing happened here too in March of 2014.. Came home from Church. Heard what sounded like someone was upstairs in my bedroom.. I told my husband we had a intruder so I grab my pistol and gave it to him. We went up to my bedroom and no one was in there . We had what we believe was a juvenile Bigfoot that had climb up on our porch roof and was knocking on my wall out side.. They were hard knocks. We don’t have trees that touch the house. Like I said they were loud hard knocks. My husband went and knocked back and it would knock back at him..He did this several times.. It was very frightening. The dogs were nowhere to be found. It stop and two night later it happen again. The knocks were over my headboard of my bed. Then it came back the 3rd night.. After that I went outside and yelled stay off my porch roof ! Then it never happen again..

  2. Tania Dixon

    April 1, 2017 at 2:36 am

    This story is really bothersome to me. I’m more focused on the fact this guy ran away and left his mother there lol who does that. I cant have respect for anyone that does that if its true. No real man bigfooter would run away and leave their mother to deal 😛

    • Lili Nando

      November 5, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      That was my first thought as well and distracted me from the rest of the article!

  3. Lee Browning

    August 15, 2017 at 2:58 am

    These creatures are entering neighborhoods at night.
    I live in Arizona in the foothills of the Superstition Mountain. Many times late night i would just sit out on my patio facing the foothills. I would see silowetts of what i thought were hikers in the foothills behind my house. One night i saw a fog bank with light. I thought it was car headliggts because it seemed to move. I then saw a pair of amber eyes staring directly at me. They were huge and standing beside a desert bush/tree.
    Clearly they rome the foothills and have been reported out at Apache Lake by campers. These creatures are amoung us and they are intellegent.

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