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Texan Says Grandparents Came across Reptilian Creature

A Texan from Hardin County claims her grandparents encountered an unidentified “beast” while crossing the Sabine River from Louisiana into Texas.

Kari Celestine, a 45-year-old Native American, claimed she learned about the incident after the death of her grandparents a few years ago.

“Their names were Gus and Flenchie Celestine. They were members of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana,” she told Cryptozoology News. “They moved to Texas because the W. T. Carter pulpwood and logging company had jobs for them in Camden, back in 1920. They had a buggy being pulled by a team of oxen. Amongst their possessions, there were a dresser and mirror,” she added.

Longasport, Louisiana. Credit: Billy Hathorn
A bridge crosses the Sabine River at Longasport, Louisiana. Credit: Billy Hathorn CC BY-SA 3.0

The couple were reportedly traveling with 20 additional families when they came upon the bridge that connects the two states.

“Grandpa said it came up out of the water, and the horses were scared and reared up on the front legs.”

Celestine said her grandfather described the “monster” as having a head “like a dragon”.

“I’m assuming it was probably something like that monster in Lake Champlain. I’ve never heard of any other sightings related to this incident,” she said.

The woman was not able to provide a more detailed physical description of the purported animal.

But Celestine’s grandparents were not the last ones to report seeing the alleged beast. In 2006, the photograph of an unknown water creature swimming on its back near the Gulf of Mexico was published on the Coast to Coast website.

And, according to eyewitness accounts, lake monsters are not the only strange creatures living by the river.

In 1995, a soldier stationed at Fort Hood said he had seen a bipedal creature, which he later identified as “Bigfoot”, kneeling on the shoulder of the road on the same bridge the two Native Americans had spotted the “dragon” 75 years earlier.

A 510-mile long body of flowing water, the Sabine River began serving as a ferry highway in 1794. In 2010, the tanker Eagle Otome spilled 450,000 gallons of crude oil over its waters, resulting in the death of thousands of animals endemic to the area.

Last November, a 41-year-old Canadian released new pictures of a monster he claimed to be the Ogopogo, also known as Canada’s lake monster.

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1 Comment

  1. Mr Magoo

    August 29, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    Hot diggety dang,it`s the sabine thang !!!

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