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Alabama Investigators Claim ‘Bigfoot’ Took their Weenies, Coke and Hot Chocolate

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.– Two Sasquatch investigators believe Bigfoot took their dinner while camping in the North River area of Tuscaloosa County.

Alabama Bigfoot Society researchers Dorothy Sullivan and M.K Scruggs say it was about 1.30 a.m. when “the activity started”, which they suspect to be part of a “Bigfoot invasion”.

“Scruggs and her husband are both ministers, and she feels that lately more and more sightings are being reported by members of clergy,” Sullivan, co-founder of the organization, told Cryptozoology News.

“I heard some noise and I heard grunts and chatter,” she said. “I smelled the smell outside my tent. I heard steps on the deck, which is about 100 feet from my camp. The wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour,” she added.

Additionally, they claim “something big and heavy” was thrown at them.

When they went to investigate the area around the deck, says Sullivan they found out their dinner was gone.

“The Bigfoot had taken the lid. This igloo freezer cover, that had water in it, you have to have large hands to physically turn the top to take if off. The top was loose, and it looked like the pan where she had cooked hotdogs, there were several weenies left in it, and they are gone now,” said the woman.

According to the women, if it had been raccoons, they would have taken the apple cider first.

“They did not touch the apple cider which was on the table and if it was a raccoon it would have not jumped off the porch railing, he would have climbed up that tree there.”

Skruggs films Sullivan as she explains the occurrence at the campsite. Credit: Dorothy Sullivan/M.K. Skruggs/Alabama Bigfoot Society
Skruggs films the video titled “Bigfoot Invasion” as Sullivan explains the occurrence at the campsite. Credit: Dorothy Sullivan/M.K. Scruggs/Alabama Bigfoot Society

What they did take, she explains, were the sugary drinks, such as “a cup of cola and a pack” and “hot chocolate packages”.

“They scattered the hot chocolate and some fell over the deck. It wasn’t chewed up like a coon would have done,” said Sullivan.

Scruggs also claims eggs and other type of food she had around her place was taken by the alleged cryptid.

“They like hot dogs and doritos with cheese too!”

She also believes this had nothing to do with raccoons because “they would have knocked things around.”

“Before, I wasn’t a believer or a skeptic, but was open to the thoughts of them being real. Then I found out this is a game I didn’t want to play anymore,” Scruggs told Cryptozoology News about a “Bigfoot” yelling experience that had scared her “half to death”.

“I think these animals have a high level of intelligence. I do not believe in the Missing Link theory. I feel there is a possibility they are dangerous but only if they are being harassed,” she said. “If that mother feels like her child is in danger she is going to come out fighting like a mother bear for her cub’s. Why wouldn’t a Bigfoot family do the same. But I don’t think they out hunting humans down. I believe they do a great job to avoid human contact,” Scruggs added.

Members of the Alabama Bigfoot Society advocate for the protection of Sasquatch and suspect the cryptid is “another human species” or “a cross between human and something else”.

The Alabaman group’s founder, 58-year-old Jim Smith, has reportedly had a few encounters with the creature.

“Only, when this first sighting occurred in Alabama, I didn’t know what a Bigfoot was. In those days we called it a ‘Giant Monkey’,” he told Cryptozoology News.

“I don’t intend to kill or try to kill one,” he says. “I know this feeling comes from my Indian blood. I know it exists and I don’t need a body to prove it.”

According to Sullivan, these “episodes are frequent” and have been occurring since March 2012.

“I’ve asked them to come and leave something for us if they understand that we mean them no harm, if they would leave us something in return. I’m expecting maybe in the morning when we get up we’ll find it. Exactly where I said, there will be something on to the table,” said Sullivan.

The city of Tuscaloosa is home to about 100,000 people and is considered one of the largest cities in the Yellowhammer State.

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