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Man Has Bigfoot Encounter in Kentucky

JENKINS, Ky. — A man claims he had an encounter in 2012 with an unidentified creature that made his “legs shake”.

Tim, who also provided his last name but was omitted for probable privacy concerns, says he was deer scouting in the woods of Letcher County when he witnessed the animal.

“Was in a hollow called Dark hollow, coming off the top of ridge, what is known as Pine Ridge, at the end of an old logging/mining road. Just as I was about to step off the embankment to the logging/mining road, I hear a loud Woosshhh, so loud, I’m sure my eyes crossed and short moments later woosshhh, so I yelled loud as I could, wanting to warn whatever it was, that I was there, so thinking it possibly might be a bear, elk or big cat I shot a round from a 30/30, trying to show it along its merry way, and again, woosshhhh,” he told The Crypto Crew.

He then shot a third time, he says, letting the animal know that he “wasn’t there to play”, before calling his brother to ask for help.

But the brother was “trick or treating” with his daughter so he couldn’t make it, he said.

So he decided it was time to get to his vehicle on his own. “Legs shaking I backed away from the direction the woosshhing sound was coming from, I kept the embankment between me and the creature and looked back about 50 yards with blurry, watery eyes and seen the thing just standing there, upon arriving to my vehicle,” he continued.

According to the eyewitness, the creature was about 7 feet tall and approximately 4 hundred pounds. It had a dark brown color and, Tim says, it had no “muscular or body features”.

The state of Kentucy as been a hot spot for Sasquatch sightings and similar incidents this year.

Last week, a man and his friend said they were fishing on the Green River Lake in Taylor County, when they heard unidentified screams that set the men in a state of fear.

In March 2014, a child from Kentucky claimed to have seen a Bigfoot staring at him through a window outside his home.


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