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Humanoid Shows Up in Man’s Bedroom

MONONA, Wis. — A Dane County man says a “grey-like entity” showed up in his bedroom last Thursday.

The anonymous Wisconsinite said that he was looking through his bedroom window watching his mother coming out of a vehicle parked outside when he noticed the strange figure right behind him.

“It was in the reflection of the room, while my back was turned. It apparently sneaked from hiding to staircase,” the man wrote. “My father was asleep in a different room.”

The man added that the creature disappeared after that, “leaving no trace”.

He described the figure as a 4-feet-tall humanoid with pointy ears and large black eyes. Its nose and mouth, he says, were small and had a hand with “less than 5 long fingers”. The alleged creature was reportedly wearing a blue one-piece suit.

The eyewitness provided a drawing of what he claimed to have seen.

A "grey-like entity" the man says showed up in his bedroom in mid March. Credit: MUFON

A “grey-like entity” the man says showed up in his bedroom in mid March. Credit: MUFON

Last November, a Florida man submitted a video to  Cryptozoology News showing a few creatures in his Lee County home.

A month earlier, a woman in Washington said a “smiling alien” had entered her bedroom and that the alleged creature released a “yellow mist” prompting her to fall into a deep sleep.

The city of Monona is located in Southern Wisconsin and has a population of 8,000.

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  1. broc theil

    March 25, 2016 at 5:35 am

    this one is just stupid

  2. phwilio

    March 25, 2016 at 11:32 am

    G-g-g-g-ggggolly Gosh !

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