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Three People Report ‘White Bigfoot’ in a Corn Field

BELVIDERE, Tenn. — A man in southeastern Tennessee claims three people saw a white and hairy bipedal.

bigfoot tennessee white

Cary, a Flintville resident, said the events took place near Belvidere and that the creature was running through a corn field in Franklin County.

“My sister and cousin were checking out my sister’s new car,” Cary told Thomas Marcum about the summer of 1997 encounter. “It was 9 p.m. and my sister and cousin decided to test the car,” he added.

Reportedly, as the couple drove the vehicle, they noticed a white shape stepping out of a corn field about 30 yards away.

“The car had bright lights on and were able to see this creature crossing the road and into the darkness beyond the fence. Both came home talking fast and looked scared. My younger cousin kept saying they had seen a monster.”

According to Cary, the motorists described the animal as an 8-feet-tall “white hairy looking creature” walking on two legs. Its head, he added, was shaped like a cone.

But, says Cary, that wouldn’t be the last time the white bipedal showed up. Just a few days later, his brother encountered something similar inside their property.

“He heard the dogs raging outside,” he says. “He figured someone was messing around the house, so he went to the back door and turned on the light.”

When Cary’s brother went back into the house to retrieve a weapon, the creature purportedly made an appearance.

“As he walked into the kitchen, he said he saw a white large figure cross right by the glass door. It unnerved him, and he noticed the dogs were following something by the edge of the woods.”

Cary also added that a few years earlier his brother had reported seeing a “white face with red eyes” staring at him behind some trees.

In 2014, a man reported seeing seeing an “baby Bigfoot” also in Tennessee 5 years earlier. He was able to capture the alleged creature on video.


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  1. Lawrence Carriker III

    May 23, 2016 at 9:19 am

    I ‘m always interested in animal planets t.v. programs like finding big foot. Kentukey’s Hillbilly monster hunters.And my Home state of North Carolina’s, Ledgens Like THE BALDENBOROS, vampire beast. Lawrence Carriker III.

  2. Lee Beck

    August 16, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Now, what would an infant be doing out in the bush… or small child… not likely. Too bad not more showed because I doubt it was a bear, or squirt or bat… too chunky. I also don’t think the government with the GD chemtrail program has killed the big foot females ability to re produce to the point of extension yet so it must be a big foot pup.

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