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Hunter Tells Encounter with 4-Feet-Tall ‘Albino Bigfoot’

Ohio — A Mahoning County resident claims he saw a short ape-like creature.

The man says he was getting his hunting gear out of his truck when he noticed the being the mid afternoon of November 12, 2013.

“About 50 or so feet to the left of a group of turkeys was what appeared to be an albino something, and it must have been sitting or lying down at time,” the man, whose name was kept anonymous, told the BFRO. “By the time I was ready to get in woods, the turkeys and that thing were out of sight,” he added.

The eyewitness explains that as he entered the woods, he came face to face with the animal.

“There was this white fuzzy thing standing on two legs. It was looking at me.”

Reportedly, after a minute staring at each other, the man decided to approach it.

He claims that the creature didn’t look intimidating, mainly because it was only “at most 4 feet tall”.

“It fled. Couldn’t wrap my head around what the hell I just saw.”

Then, he adds, it showed up again. He says that he tried taking a better look at it this time by using his rifle’s scope.

“But my hands kept shaking and didn’t feel right putting a rifle up at something I didn’t understand. I would get within 40 yards or so. It would back up. Then flee. Then popped out a third time. Got weird feeling of cat and mouse. Animals don’t act like this. It was playing with me. I felt I was being lured into something. With creature still in sight I turned and went home.”

The man, who claims to be an avid woodsman, says he has never seen anything like it before.

Amy Bue, A BFRO investigator who followed up on the reported sighting, says she spoke with the eyewitness and that he described the head of the animal as having a dome shape.

Last year a couple in northern Ohio said they saw a Bigfoot creature in plain daylight.

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