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Controversial Video Shows ‘Humanoid Stalking’ Moose in Canada

CANADA — A woman published a video purportedly showing a humanoid walking behind a moose in the woods of Canada.

The 5-minute-long shaky footage, taken from inside a vehicle and released by Audrée Tanguay Fréchette on July 29, shows a grazing moose on the edge of a road, reportedly in Gaspésie, Québec. A French-speaking group of three can be heard talking about the animal and seemingly unaware of the alleged anomaly. As the video progresses, a puppet-like “humanoid figure” awkwardly crotches behind the moose. Then, the film unexpectedly cuts out.

“I was filming a moose on a roadside. Looking at the video I saw this strange shape at the back left. Can someone tell me what it is?” Fréchette writes on the video’s description.

But many wonder why the images were captured in such low quality, prompting a flood of comments criticizing the alleged sighting.

“Why are these videos never in good quality?” posted YouTube user Raz Al Cool.

Others claim the supposed humanoid is simply a smudge on the windshield.

“It’s so clearly just smudge on the window. Look how it moves with the camera,” says YouTube user Pop Shuvit.

“Yes, it is a smudge,” writes another critic. “Whether this person meant to hoax others, I don’t know. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.”

“Who’s stops filming right before anything happens. Smells fishy,” says Inscrutable.

A myriad of posted comments try to explain the video with a similar theory.

But Fréchette, quick to respond to the critics, said that even though it’s possible that it could be a smudge, she is adamant that the thing they saw seemed real.

“Pay attention to the first seconds of video. It shows the appearance of moving rapidly from the left with a strange step,” the French speaker says. “Then it moves around and behind the trees. I don’t think a stain could do that. We will never know if it’s a real presence or an optical illusion. I admit that it’s possible, but I’m totally honest when I say that the picture gives me doubt and a powerful strange feeling.”

Other viewers agreed with the videographer.

“Everyone saying it’s a smudge, it was moving from behind the bush, it even moved like 2 feet away from where it started and I can even see the arms moving for its all fours walk. There are things out there you CANNOT even understand and things that are still yet to be discovered. Deal with it.,” Raun Carswell wrote.

The film is now being managed by Newsflare, according to additional information posted on its description. Newsflare is a website that helps users sell their videos to “their right buyers. Fast”.

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  1. Maragret

    August 5, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    Whatever the thing is it is not a smudge on the windscreen – that much is obvious – so why can`t these morons see it isn`t a smudge ? Are they really so stupid ? Which is not to say it is anything mysterious…nobody can know what it is.

  2. Jo

    August 14, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    No, that’s not a smudge. It looks like a reflection on the windshield from something inside the car. If you look to the left side of the video, you can see the reflection of the window frame next to the “creature.” the reflection from the window frame and the creature are always the same distance apart and move at the same time, causing me to believe that this is a reflection of something light colored inside the car. The reason that it appears to move quickly towards the animal in the beginning is because the reflection is probably from jewelry or clothing. If the person wearing it moved, the reflection would move, causing this effect.

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