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White ‘Bigfoot’ Spotted in Arkansas

An Arkansas man reports seeing a white ape in Logan County.

Jaimie said he was on vacation with his family to visit relatives in the area when he encountered the alleged creature.

“I was walking across the road to go see my friend, who lived across the road. This is in a very secluded area and these were the only two houses in the area,” he told BFRO investigator Carter Buschardt about the summer of 1975 daylight encounter.

He added that when he was walking through a clear are in a dense wooded zone, he noticed a “very tall and white thing walking”.

“It was walking along a barbwire fence from my left to right, from one tree line to the other,” he explained. “I instantly crouched down and moved as quick as I could without drawing attention to myself.”

The eyewitness said that the biped didn’t look at him and that he was able to see a few physical details but not its face.

“The hair seemed silvery white, similar in shades to aluminum foil.”

He went on to say that he only told his friend about this sighting because he “wasn’t sure about what it was” and that a white Bigfoot wasn’t something people spoke of back then.

Buschardt added that he found the eyewitness to be “great and articulate” and that he is firmly convinced of what he saw.

Three months ago, a man in northern Arkansas spotted a creature he believed to be a dogman.

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