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Some of the Most Remarkable Grassman Encounters in Ohio

To most people, Bigfoot is a creature that inhabits the Northwest of the United States, hiding inside the thick layer of vegetation and mountains that make the landscape of the region.

But many cryptozoology enthusiasts know that the flat land of Ohio is a corner of mystery that has generated hundreds of eyewitness accounts about a strange ape-like cryptid similar to Sasquatch some like to call the Grassman.

On June 24, 1980, a remarkable incident took place in the town of Bellefountaine.

The eyewitness, off-duty police officer Ray Quay, said he was “surprised and dumbfounded” after seeing a “seven- feet-tall, hairy animal” in his barn yard while doing some work.

“I was unloading eight pigs I had bought about 11 p.m. I shut off the light in the barn and went around the corner to see what my two dogs were raising cain about. They never bark when I’m around,” he told Ohio Daily News.

Dayton News, 1980
Dayton News, 1980

“I stepped around the corner of the barn and saw this hairy animal. I thought it was a man so I hollered at him. It took off and I’ve got some weeds out back I haven’t mowed and they are waist high or higher and the creature went through them with no problem,” he added.

The sighting prompted the local police to intervene, but they weren’t able to find any clues to help solve the case.

These type of reports –police officers, park rangers, etc. —  are considerably important to cryptozoologists because of the nature of the eyewitness and they are usually fully investigated.

Days earlier, according to the authorities, Patrick Poling had also spotted a similar creature while working in the fields in Union County.

copyright video ohio bigfootIn 2012, a video of an alleged Grassman went viral when a YouTube user by the name of HowTo101Channel uploaded the footage for the world to watch. Later, the video was not longer available on YouTube due to a copyright claim by Ryan Ledoux.

In 2013, TV show Mountain Monsters released the footage of a creature they believed to be the cryptid.

Long time news commenter Jeffrey Kelley covered it shortly after the show aired.

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