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Bigfoot Screams Recorded in Kentucky Lake - Cryptozoology News
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Bigfoot Screams Recorded in Kentucky Lake

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. — A man captured the sound Wednesday of what he believes could be a Sasquatch screaming in the nearby woods of a lake in Kentucky.

Timmy Perdue, a musician who moved from Washington D.C. to Kentucky years ago, says he and his friend Anthony were cat fishing on the Green River Lake in Taylor County when the event took place.

“We arrived there around midnight, and after about thirty minutes we started to hear what sounded like disturbing screams coming from the woods across the water,” he says. “The channel is pretty narrow where we were fishing and I’m guessing whatever we heard was anything from five to two miles away,” he added. “In the craziness of the moment I grabbed my iPhone from the tackle box and began recording.”

The four minute long video, titled Kentucky Sasquatch Screams Caught on Tape and uploaded to YouTube Thursday, starts with a music track and a foreword, followed by a one minute dark segment where you can hear the two men reacting to the disturbing sounds happening in the background.

Anthony and Timmy Perdue. Credit: YouTube/Timmy Perdue
Anthony and Timmy Perdue. Credit: YouTube/Timmy Perdue

“I had chills,” Perdue says before another scream is heard. “Oh my god,” he continues.

“Got scared,” Anthony’s faded voice points out.

“I’m serious dude I think I’m getting chills,” Perdue replies in a nervous laughter. “It’s like so many different noises…it sounds like something is dying over there….did you hear that scream? Listen. I’ve never heard that in my life.”

The footage then turns to an enhanced audio version where the alleged screams are noticeably clearer.

“I will tell you that there were no campers or people there from what I could see and after the screams subsided, not another sound was heard. No talking, no engines…nothing,” he explains.

Even though the first time the sounds appear to be some sort of nocturnal birds such as owls, the enhanced version of the audio doesn’t appear to go in that direction.

“Being the skeptic that I am, I thought maybe it was a barn owl. But there were what sounded like at least like a dozen of these screams at once, and owls generally do not live or travel in groups. Also, the screams were constant for at least 30 to 45 minutes with no break in between.  I imagine that the odds of a dozen barn owls screeching for a half hour are pretty slim. Definitely was not an owl, or a barn owl, ” said the young musician. “Not saying that it was Sasquatch, but scary nonetheless.”

The barn owl is a rare species in Kentucky. They live in groups of two only during mating season or while raising the young, but they are generally solitary creatures that hunt for their prey at night. Nesting starts in spring (March-May) but surprisingly, biologists in Kentucky have found out that “double-brooding” sometimes may occur. In 2010, nesting activity was documented to continue into late summer all the way through December, which could indicate an attempt by the raptor to raise two nests of young in one year.

Perdue, who admits he has always enjoyed the folklore of mysterious creatures and watches TV shows “for a good laugh” every now and then, says he doesn’t believe in any of it, but recognizes that the purported screams he heard that night have made him “question and entertain those possibilities”.

“I know there’s always videos like these and people alike who will say it’s staged, or it’s the wind or something, which is fine, I don’t care. I just wanted to share this because I thought it was insane and it actually happened. This is one the craziest nights I have spent outdoors in my life thus far. I’m not a gullible idiot. I have spent my whole life outdoors, I’ve become accustomed to the sounds of nature, but never once have I heard what I heard tonight and I don’t know if I ever will again,” Perdue said.

In March 2014, a child from Kentucky claimed to have seen a Bigfoot staring at him through a window outside his home.

The Bluegrass State is also home to one of the most unusual cryptids in the United States, known as the Pope Lick Monster.

You can watch the video containing the alleged Sasquatch screams in its entirety below:


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