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Sasquatch Spotted in Mission,BC Canada. A Video Analysis.

The advent of mobile phones that incorporated cameras -also known as smart phones- have definitely contributed to the influx of Bigfoot videos across the internet. Pranksters, teenagers, and even the older ones like to put up a show for the world to see. This is not always the case though, and occasionally, the videos are either beautifully crafted into hoaxes or we are looking at the real Bigfoot.

Today we are analyzing the video of  a Sasquatch filmed in Mission, British Columbia in Canada. We are looking at a video taken a long distance from the target. We will try our best to determine whether the figure spotted on the footage is true or  fake.

This is the video:

The picture below certainly shows a bipedal creature. This frame shows it standing in an upright position, characteristic of human walking behavior. Bigfoot sightings and clearer videos show that the animal usually walks leaning forward, similar to the way apes walk.bigfoot-canada-mission


The following two pictures also show a feature that could mean there is a man inside a costume. As usual, the length of the arms, including the movement, are human-like. The arms are not as long as they should be in other more credible Bigfoot sightings. Notice the familiar way the target moves its arms as the entire thing had been rehearsed prior to the video.bigfoot-canada-mission-3-bigfoot-canada-mission-3-


Indeed these details don’t prove the video has been manufactured as a hoax, it only shows that due to the long distance of the subject from the camera, and the incredibly human-like behavior of the creature, we are most likely looking at a person and not an animal.







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  1. Scott Russell

    August 11, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Upon first viewing, I was under the same impression; the movements and positioning appear rehearsed and the limb length and gait are decidedly human. Another ‘nice try’.

  2. Rodger Edwards

    November 28, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    I was not able to view the video as it was removed from YouTube for copyright infridgement. That should suggest it was not the authors video in the first place.
    But I must make a comment on what Scott said about the movement being human. I have encountered Bigfoot many times. The movement is very human in nature. Amazingly human to be honest. That is why so many people who were hunting and had an encounter did not shoot it. They were afraid that it might be a person. I have viewed the Patterson film many times and it appears to be authentic from my experiences. It that film you can see how human like the movement is. I do believe that Bigfoot is an animal and not some sort of missing link. Statistically speaking it is an impossibility to have a crossing of species. But that does not mean it can not walk like a human.

  3. rebar

    February 25, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Very long stride. Hmmmmm.

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