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Black Eyed Shapeshifter Spooks Nebraska Man - Cryptozoology News
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Black Eyed Shapeshifter Spooks Nebraska Man

OMAHA, Neb. — A man in Omaha claims he saw a “strange young man with weird eyes changing shape” Wednesday in plain daylight.

OMAHA, Neb. — A man in Omaha claims he saw a “strange young man with weird eyes changing shape” Wednesday in plain daylight.

R. Green, 56, told Cryptozoology News he was taking a package to the post office when the event took place.

“I parked the car two blocks away from the post office. I come out of the car, grab the package and start walking toward the building,” he said.

Green reportedly noticed a young man walking in front of him. “He just showed up there, I didn’t see him coming. It’s like he came out of nowhere.  A young guy, probably about 18 or 19, long black hair, very tall and skinny, he was wearing one of those long black coats. He came at me and as he got closer he stopped and asked me for a dollar. I told him I had no money.”

But the witness says the stranger became persistent and started asking for something else.

“He kind of began arguing with me, kind of violent. He asks me if I am married…and other stuff, I thought he had mental problems, so I tried to ignore him, I said ‘sorry I gotta go now’, but he insisted. He’d cut me off and wouldn’t let me walk through.”

That’s when Green says things turned “ugly”.

Black Eyed Shapeshifter“Then as I try to pass through the guy, his eyes start turning black, completely, kind of like a layer of skin, but it was completely black. You know like the crocodiles eyes? Only they were black, solid black. My first reaction was that he had contact lenses or something. His voice turned deeper and I freaked the hell out. He began asking about my family, and my wife, and he asked about my mom, who died a few years ago. His hair was long, but it grew back and became short all of a sudden, maybe he had a wig, I don’t know. It went from his shoulders to behind the ears. He kind of became an adult man, old looking. I looked around and I saw an old lady staring at him too, and as soon as I looked back at the kid, he began walking toward the building wall on my right, and he disappeared. I asked the lady ‘ma’m did you see that?’ She was as surprised as I was, we waited there for a while, looking at the wall, talking about it.”

Green believed the young man had entered the building through the door, “but there was no door”, he said. “The guy walked right through the wall. I know it is crazy, but I saw it. I can’t explain it. It was like an illusion.”

The ability to transform into another form is known as “shapeshifting.” The concept appears to be universal and, according to folklore, it has been present for as long as humans have inhabited this planet.

Black Eyed Shapeshifter Old Man by Cryptozoology News
This work, “Black Eyed Old Man”, is a derivative of the original work by Jackie, used under CC BY 2.0. “Black Eyed Old Man” is licensed under CC BY 2.0 by Cryptozoology News

“It’s one of those archetypes. Most cultures have made use of it at one point or another,” says  Amit Chandrasekar, anthropology professor at an Indian University. “Sometimes you have to go back in time in order to understand what we are looking at here today. Most of these unexplained sightings are simply brain memories. They are so embedded within the human psyche that they are basically impossible to get rid off. A lot of this began happening in the sixties and seventies when people experimented with drugs without any restriction. It was worse in the United States, it became the norm.”

Remarkably, Green pointed out that he doesn’t do drugs or alcohol and that the last time he took any “sort of prescription medicine” was ten years ago.

“Why would I lie about this? I know it sounds crazy, but I saw what I saw.”

A paranormal school of thought proposes the interdimensional hypothesis, which suggests these visitations could be part of entities traveling through different layers of reality –dimensions–.

Suggested reading about the interdimensional hypothesis: The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection.

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  1. Alan Lowey

    March 1, 2014 at 2:34 am

    It has all the characteristics of an insectoid encounter. The entity created confusion in Mr Green which made him seem as though it was asking him questions. The long black coat and skinny limbs are common features. Even the changing ‘hood’-like feature reminded me of ‘flying humanoid’ sightings. It would have simply flown straight up when it reached the wall without the need to open it’s wings.

    All the stories from the giant insect the trucker saw, the humanoid entity in the desert, the man in his bunker and now this one all have a common insect ancestor imo. The gigantism would be due to the advantage of an evolutionary ability to expel air through their trachea tubes, enabling a unique and efficient form of propulsion.

  2. Raven Eye

    March 4, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Shadow people, aka Mothman, aka Thunderbirds, aka BEKs, Tricksters/Shifters, Fae, the Old Ones, The Grims who take one in this life to the next -ones with the ability of crow magic. That is who these beings are, they are one in the same entity.

    • Jacob Marks

      April 3, 2014 at 1:59 pm

      Also the UK Owlman.

  3. Blackgriffin

    January 15, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Here are two links which show this. This first is from a news report about a wreck. Pay close attention and you’ll see the two figures skulking behind the shrubs. It’s quick.
    This second video is from the first, but someone has enlarged the part with one of the figures and slowed it down. WATCH THE FACE as this being peeks around the shrub to watch the scene of the wreck. Do you see it? The face CHANGES and at one point, there seem to be two faces on the same head.

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