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Family Films 'Strange Light' Orb Next to Baby Twin in Trailer Home - Cryptozoology News
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Family Films ‘Strange Light’ Orb Next to Baby Twin in Trailer Home

CLEVELAND, Tenn.– A man says “strange lights” are showing up on their family videos and that other paranormal activity has been taking place inside their mobile home in Tennessee.

The man,  a 33-year-old father of three who requested to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News on Tuesday that his “spooked” daughter was the first one to notice the anomaly.

“My daughter saw it go by, but no one else did until we all watched the video to see what had freaked my daughter out,” he explained in an interview. “She said her hair stood up on her arms, I thought she was messing with me until I saw the video for myself, this is the first time we have ever seen any orbs,” he added.

The two videos, recorded by two different family members, last about 50 seconds each and show one of the 1-year-old twins dancing to a song playing in the background. As the seconds go by, a black and white dog appears to notice a flash of light flying towards the right side of the screen and passing near the baby.

“My dog kept growling towards that area and seemed to be skittish,” the man said. “My daughter is sure of what she saw. The video was cut off just before she jumped up and grabbed her babies out of fear. I’ve made sure my kids are strong, so if they get spooked there’s a reason!”

The orbs are described as being “grayish blue” and “the size of a tennis ball”.

The family believes the lights couldn’t possibly be specks of dust since the videos were taken with two different phones. They appear to be visible only through the lens of a camera.

“One video was from my wife’s phone and my daughter took the other video on her own phone, so I doubt the same speck of dust was on both lenses. In my daughter’s video the orb flies horizontally between the baby and dog, my wife took the one with the orb moving vertically from bottom to top, seeming like it was closer to the camera,” he said. “My daughter stopped the camera because she saw the flash and got spooked!”

And according to the father, these “light orbs” are not the only “incidents” to occur at the house. Sometimes, he says, they can hear footsteps “when there is no one in that part of the trailer”.

“And one time our bathroom door shut by itself,” he recalls, adding that they were told a man had died in there before they bought the house. “It never let it bother us until these videos,” he confessed.

As to what’s to come next for this Tennessee family is not clear yet, but the family man says he doesn’t believe in ghosts and that he has always been “a skeptical person”.

But the problem now, he says, is that he can’t explain any of these events.

Reports of strange lights and orbs, sometimes called undines by paranormal investigators, are becoming more frequent as the majority of the population is now able to carry their own camera in their pockets. The decrease in price of surveillance systems has also been a major contributor to the documentation of these type of anomalies.

Last week, a man in Colorado released a series of pictures of unidentified flying “creatures” featuring different colors and shapes, and that appeared to have a translucent cellular structure.

In September, John Bomhoff, a videographer from Florida, recorded similar activity where numerous “blue lights” he nicknamed “blue picketts”, also seemingly organic in nature, had invaded a woman’s home.

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