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Chupacabra in Oklahoma!

ChupacabrasEl Chupacabra is back and this time it was spotted in a neighborhood. Some mistakingly call it the Jersey Devil, el Chupacabra is a different type of Cryptid. There are currently two theories on how this creature came to be known. Some believe that it is 100% alien origin and related to the Roswell incident. The other theory suggests that it originated in South America in the early 1940s as the result of a failed experiment by an unknown government operating in the Andes.

It is widely believed that a group of scientists were hired by that government in order to obtain a cure for a known disease. They used one of the largest rodents in the world, the Capybara, Glyptodon tissue from an almost intact fossil obtained by an earlier expedition to the Andean region and some sort of reptile.

Known across South America as a cattle mutilator, el Chupacabra made its way to Texas and parts of New Mexico by the end of the 50s. Some witnesses have reported sightings as far as Minnesota, only a hairier version, probably mutated within a few generations. It then started attacking humans as well as animals.

Submitted to by user Diabolicism
Submitted to by user Diabolicism

Skeptics claim the creature photographed in Oklahoma is a hairless squirrel, but the obvious size and shape debunks that theory: take a close look at the muscles of that creature; it doesn’t look like a squirrel. Its Capybara genes gives it that rodent look. You can also tell by the spikes on the back, starting to grow.

It is possibly a baby Chupacabra, probably trying its way back to the nest or perhaps a juvenile that got lost the same way a bear cub does.

Chupacabra has sensitive eyes and it is nocturnal. The fact that this cryptid was found during the day reinforces the lost baby/juvenile theory.

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Chupacabra illustration By LeCire (Image:Chupacabras.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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