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Demons Outside: My 48 Hours In a Cold War Bunker

A man contends he deliberately locked himself inside a bomb shelter for two days hiding from a group of hostile unidentified creatures.
The extraordinary claim comes 52 years after (read more)

RALEIGH, N.C. (Cryptozoology News) — A  man contends he deliberately locked himself inside a bomb shelter for two days hiding from a group of hostile unidentified creatures.

The extraordinary claim comes 52 years after the incident allegedly took place.

C. Livingston, 74, says he remembers the experience vividly. “I remember working on the bunker project for so long. I used to take time off from work often just to go out to the cabin in the woods and work on the shelter. See, this is how it was back then, you had the so-called ‘backyard bunker’ and then, if you could afford it, you’d buy some land out in the country and build yourself a second shelter, usually smaller but good enough to keep a family of four alive in case the Soviets or the Cubans attacked. This was more of a backup strategy, if you will. You had to build it far enough from your cabin though, so they wouldn’t be able to find it. Mine was about 700 feet away from the cabin. It had a 10-inch reinforced concrete ceiling and concrete walls,” he told Cryptozoology News.

Fears of imminent nuclear holocaust during the cold war years prompted American citizens to build fallout shelters all over the country. It’s estimated that 200,000 bunkers were built in the U.S. during the ’60s.

According to the witness testimony, on the evening of October 22th, 1962, he was moving canned goods from the cabin to his bunker, 60 miles Northwest of Raleigh, North Carolina, when he noticed unusual animal behavior.

“I came down the ladder carrying a box of canned fruit on my arms. Oh let me tell you, I had pineapple, strawberries, cherries, every single fruit you can think of. I had it all. I had soda, snacks and even games for the kids. I remember purchasing the ‘Diet Delight’ brand for my wife, cause she was a picky lady… I had newspapers and magazines, books and even a telephone guide. You need to understand, well, we were very afraid that a nuclear war was going to happen overnight. This may sound strange to you today, but back then most people in the states were getting ready, just in case. It wasn’t just the ‘duck and cover’ silliness they taught at the schools you know? So anyways, as I climb up the ladder to go back to the cabin, I notice everything is eerily quiet. I didn’t hear any birds or anything. I notice these long dark shapes lining up around the cabin, so close  to each other that they looked like they were holding hands. I figured, well, they must be some critters looking for food, looked like does with their fawns. Some were taller than others, standing on their hind legs trying to find an opening to get inside the cabin.”

He purportedly continued watching the unknown creatures circling the cabin, observing their bizarre behavior.

“I stayed there on the ladder for a few minutes, head slightly out of the bunker, just watching them. I began to notice strange movements that didn’t look like deer at all. I worried a little when I remembered I had left my rifle in the cabin. I was pretty sure they couldn’t see me, though, so I just kept quiet for a while.”

But Livingston admits he grew impatient and curious. He wanted to take a closer look at the animals. Besides, he says, it was getting dark.

Bunker, public domain“And as soon as I came out, they spotted me and began running toward me all at once. I didn’t know what to make of it at that moment, for sure I was afraid, but I was more confused than I was afraid.”

According to the witness description, the animals were approximately 9-foot tall and walked “as if they were limping.” Their skin was black and gray, and it grew in “wartlike, knotty patches” that reminded Livingston of leprosy.

“They looked as if they were carrying this horrible disease. The skin looked like it was falling off. There were no ears on their long heads, only holes and it gave me the willies. The eyes were so small I couldn’t see them well. I closed down the bunker’s door and locked myself in. I waited for about an hour and then when I felt a little calm, I remembered I had put a transistor radio somewhere in there, a spare Hercules -as we used to call it- that I had bought a few years earlier.”

So he turned on the radio. It was 7 p.m. and president Kennedy was speaking.

“Now that’s when I really panicked,” the man says.  “After hearing about the communists and the missiles, my world turned upside down. I thought maybe the Russians have sent a biological attack or who knows. For all I knew, to me it was the end of the world. I had no utter idea, I remember talking to myself out loud, trying to calm down. I had no idea what was going on in the rest of the nation. I thought about my family and I wondered if they were safe at home, and I wanted to leave but…even if I used the escape hatch, I’d still be seen.”

One hour later, reportedly, the radio died. Now Livingston was in complete isolation from the outside world. The bunker, he says, became his “only one companion.”

“I stared at the walls for hours. I tried to sleep through the night, but I kept hearing them outside, walking, I heard them claws hitting the door and sometimes it sounded as if they were pouring liquid or sand on the surface. ”

The creatures didn’t appear to communicate verbally. Instead, the man says, they made clapping sounds “similar to Morse code”.

The sun rose and silence took over. “I didn’t sleep at all. Next morning, the noises were gone so I went up the ladder to check again.”

Livingston explains that he had installed a peephole on the bunker’s door so that he was able to gather a few more physical details about the intruders.

“I saw a body part that looked like a knee, and I could see its skin in detail. It kind of looked like plastic, with that particular texture you find in rugged plastic, you know? Very tough. The skin around the knee was black and gray, like I said, and sometimes it moved as if there was a worm right beneath it trying to come out. I remember thinking of athletes and muscle cramps. I still dream of that sometimes. Then I remember seeing a dark skin fold, and something that I figured was an ear canal. I suppose they were trying to listen to find out what I was doing.”

Bunker Alien Creatures. Original by Skoeger. Modified by Cryptozoology News under CC-BY-SA-3.0
“Aliens in the Bunker” by Cryptozoology News, is a derivative of “Frosty the Snowmonster” by Skoeger, used under CC BY SA 3.0. “Aliens in the Bunker” is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 by Cryptozoology News.

The eye, he recalls, was the most terrifying thing to see. “The silence stopped and they became agitated, so I supposed that they were able to feel my presence getting close to them. All of a sudden, as I look through the peephole I see this eye that looks kind of like a bird’s eye. It was very small but I got to see it just fine. The pupil was black and it kept dilating back and forth, non stop. The iris was red with little white spots around.”

Then, when the hitting and the kicking began once again, a startled Livingston went back to the safety of the cold bunker’s floor.

“I wondered when they’d leave. I sat on a a corner and wept. I began thinking of what Kennedy had said on the radio the day before, and I couldn’t sleep. In the morning, everything was silent, again. But I didn’t hold my breath. I remember thinking these demons are still there, just waiting for me until I finally give up and come out. But they were gone. I looked through the peephole and I didn’t see a thing. I knocked on the door and screamed, and nothing. No one was there.”

Livingston got on his pickup truck and when he arrived home, he decided to keep the incident to himself. “I was both relieved that everyone was safe outside, but at the same time I didn’t want to tell about what happened in the woods. I thought, my family is not going to believe me, why give them a hard time? Not to mention, the kids were too young to hear stuff like that.

He admits he was fearful of being ostracized from the community. Despite his fears, the man says his marriage fell apart when he finally told his wife about what happened that strange night.

“She never believed me, up until the day she died. I was afraid of losing my job if the story ever got out. Now that I’m old I don’t care as much. Things are not what they seem. The world you know, the world is not an easy place to live. You are raised in a particular way your parents believe is the best, making you think that everything is gonna be just fine, no matter what, but the world hides things we don’t know of. I kept thinking of how much time we waste blaming each other, and other nations, and how it wasn’t the Soviets that we should be concerned about. We are blind,” Livingston said.

He sold that piece of land two years after the event.



Front cover: “Aliens in the Bunker” by Cryptozoology News, is a derivative of “Frosty the Snowmonster” by Skoeger, used under CC BY SA 3.0. “Aliens in the Bunker” is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 by Cryptozoology News.


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