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New UFO Report: 1987 Silver Ball Encounter

The following report was sent to Cryptozoology News on January 2, 2018.

The claimed event reportedly took place in Santa Ana, California, in May of 1987 at around 5 p.m.. You can submit a report by filling out a form here.

Name: Ruben Flores

Details of sighting:

“I had been in front of my home 10 to 15 minutes talking with my neighbor when I felt something watching. Looking back to front of my house above the eave at edge of roof, I saw a silver ball hovering in air about ten inches above roof at edge of eave. My neighbor witnessed the event, glancing at the same time to where I was looking. This sighting lasted 5 to 8 seconds.

I felt we were being observed by this cylindrical silver ball because upon my discovery of its presence it shot straight up into the sky disappearing this didn’t startle me because I’ve felt this before I just never caught it. My neighbor was in shock, spooked and in disbelief, abruptly ended our conversation and went home.”

What did it look like?

“It was perfectly smooth cylindrical silver ball about the size of a tennis ball, mechanical looking in nature. With flight & hovering capabilities, not propulsive. More of an intelligent, activated magnetic, anti gravity-guided wavelength technology. Nothing easy to describe for sure. I have seen and experienced a few things I can’t explain in my lifetime, but this is my top ten.”


Note from the editor: Old UFO reports are particularly useful in the study of this phenomenon as hoaxes were more difficult to perpetrate at the time due to the lack of modern technology. The absence of drones should also be taken into account.

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