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‘Unknown Animals’ Captured on Video in Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two researchers have captured the images of two unidentified animals while looking for Bigfoot in northern Florida.

The Sasquatch Hunters founders Stacy Brown and David Lauer say they were filming at a Bigfoot hotspot “back in March” when they encountered the two beings.

Even though they claim they “have had it analyzed numerous times” they say they can’t positively identify the animals.

“There were knocks from the first object to the second,” the pair said. “Then the object in the tree came down.”

The 1-minute-long infrared video shows what appears to be an unknown hunched-over animal with a long neck seemingly foraging the woods as the camera pans to a second individual climbing down a nearby tree.

“The one on the ground is looking at us,” they said. “Then, the knocks came.”

Wood knocking is a known anti-predator strategy that some primates make use of when they feel in a vulnerable position.

“We have had it analyzed over and over and everyone comes up with a different animal,” they posted on their Facebook page.

Their “conclusions vary from chimp to raccoon” and are asking viewers for ideas to help identify the creatures.

Lauer began looking for Bigfoot in 2009 after allegedly encountering the creature while hunting in the Florida woods.

In October, similar images were captured by a trail camera when an “infant Bigfoot” showed up in Tennessee.


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