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‘Gnome Bigfoot’ Filmed in Tennessee

Tenn.– A researcher in northern Tennessee released footage late Sunday of what he says could be an “infant Bigfoot” or a “little person”.

North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) team member Scott Carpenter says the subject was “under the focal range of two other cameras”.

The video, reportedly taken by a “black and white trail camera” in 2009, consists of a few seconds of footage where a small unidentified creature that appears to be eating, suddenly lifts its head to look in the direction of the camera. The primate-like animal resembles a capuchin monkey.

“Note the facial hair extending from the face,” says Carpenter.

After comparing the alleged cryptid from the images to other local animals frequenting the area, the researcher estimated the animal could be about 4ft tall and with a head approximately 8 inches wide.

“Given the ears are on the side of the head, the face is humanoid in shape and configuration, unless rabbits and raccoons have primate like noses and ears on side of their heads,” he said. “I have ruled out a rodent, rabbit and raccoon. Is this an infant Bigfoot or one of the infamous ‘little people’?”

Others wonder whether this newly released video could be proof of the legendary “little people of the woods”.

“The thing that gets me about this is that where the head seems hairy, the body is seemingly hairless,” Youtube user Lionizmi wrote. “If it was a baby Bigfoot wouldn’t it have been moving around a lot more?  It seems to me that whatever this thing is, it realized it had been seen.  My American Indian dad would have said that it was oneof those hidden things that we are not meant to see. Stay safe.  Those little guys can get nasty.” he added.

Carpenter allegedly had his first Bigfoot encounter in 1973 after he witnessed what he called “two juvenile hairy bipeds” looking at him through a window.

In 2009, he says he saw a similar creature again when fishing on a local lake in The Volunteer State.

He then joined NABS in 2011 and submitted eleven samples to the Ketchum DNA Project, also known as the Sasquatch Genome Project and led by Dr. Melba Ketchum.

The investigator also writes about his findings on The Bigfoot Field Journal Blog and is the author of a book filled with high definition pictures where he details his purported discoveries.

Reports of small unidentified human-like beings have also been documented in Asian countries.

In 1947, Vietnamese locals claimed to have seen a bizarre small creature resembling a bizarre-looking human their ancestors dubbed the Batutut, also known as “forest people”.

In the 1970s, six American soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division reported being startled by a 5ft tall creature  as they were taking a break in a mountainous jungle of Vietnam. Kregg P. J. Jorgenson brought this eyewitness account to light in his book Strange but True Stories of the Vietnam War.


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