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Locals Report Seeing Big Cat in Great Britain Village - Cryptozoology News
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Locals Report Seeing Big Cat in Great Britain Village

BEDDGELERT, Wales — Residents of a small village in North Wales believe there is a big cat roaming the area, according to the members of an upcoming radio show to debut on the BBC by the end of May.

big cat puma wales

30-year-old Rhys Waters, one of the producers of The Unexplainers, told Cryptozoology News that the sightings and animal killings in the Snowdonia region have been reportedly happening for about six years.

“The closest sighting being around 10 feet away,” Waters says about an anonymous family that allegedly saw the “puma”.

Farmers in the area claim hearing unidentified animal calls and strange noises they describe as “guttural purrs” or the sound of a “giant bee”.

“Also, they have found lots of badgers with wounds they believe indicate a big cat kill,” he said.”The night we did a stakeout a lamb was killed by an unknown predator. We are completely shocked that this happened during our stay at the farm.”

None of the residents claiming the sightings have been able to produce a photograph or a video of the purported creature.

However, Waters says, “they have photo evidence of the badger kills and plaster cast of footprints”.

Also, he continues, “there are no rabbits on their land at all. The farmer believes this is because the puma has hunted them out of the area”.

A cast collected by The Unexplainers crew

Cast of a footprint collected by The Unexplainers crew

Big cats are not endemic to the United Kingdom and are known as “alien” or “phantom” cats due to their rumored elusive nature. It has been theorized that wealthy citizens, interested in keeping the felines as pets, might have introduced the animals to the region between the 1960s and 1970s, prior to the enforcement of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976.

In 2014, a 19-year-old student photographed an unknown cat-like animal at a field in Gwinear, near Plymouth.

In 2010, talks emerged about reintroducing bears, lynx and wolves into the British country side.

But Waters believes the farmers have no reason to make up these claims.

“No wolves in Snowdonia, as far as we’ve heard. The farmers they are publicity shy and it took me a long time to track them down for the project,” he explains. “Honestly, I can’t see why this wouldn’t be true as they have nothing to benefit from and are happy living side by side with whatever is out there. Their main fear is  idiots with guns turning up to shoot it and endangering everyone.”

unexplainers radio show cryptozoology

The Unexplainers, scheduled to run four episodes in four weeks starting May 30, will be hosted by Cardiff native comedian Mike Bubbins and Welsh musician Goldie Lookin Chain, and it appears that, although factual, the show will also be using a touch of humor along the road as an unorthodox way of dealing with the world of the unexplained.

“Our intention is to make the subject matter more approachable with a less serious format. Yes, there are funny moments and their relationship is all about them –the hosts– competing with each other’s theories, but the facts are the facts and there’s no element of hoaxes or making fun of those who believe,” he explained.

Waters, who announced that new evidence on the big cat’s case will be posted on a video on one of the show’s social media accounts, added that a “BBC subsite” for the show will be created “soon”.

Update: You can now listen to this episode on iTunes.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. daniel clavette

    May 16, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    The unknow big cat have be see since of 1960 to today and it is one big monster sighty in history in england of britain village .

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