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Oregon Resident Records ‘Bigfoot’ Howl as It Shakes a Tree

Ore. — A young resident last Wednesday shared a video he reportedly took in an undisclosed location in the Oregon woods. The footage contains sounds and images the uploader believes could be a “Bigfoot” creature.

YouTube user Cooro16 says he noticed something shaking the branches before emitting the howl.

“It yelled prior to the call and a distance reply, so I recorded and it called back,” he explained.

The short video captured a long ape-like howl as the green vegetation, already moving due to wind conditions, appears to be shaken in a different fashion.

“In the center of the screen, a black figure is there, shaking branches,” he added.

The YouTuber’s channel was opened in 2009 and has thus far been the platform to publish four additional unrelated videos.

To discard the possibility of the video being a prank, Cryptozoology News reached out to the person uploading the video for comment on Sunday but did not immediately obtain a response.

Last month, Joe Baladez, also from Oregon, captured the sounds of what he initially believed could be the cryptid. Later, Baladez told Cryptozoology News that the BFRO had determined the vocalizations were made by a coyote.

Bigfoot sightings frequently emanate from the areas of Oregon and Washington and many researchers believe the states’ dense forestry could be the ideal habitat for an undiscovered primate in North America.

In early April, a group of New Mexico Bigfoot researchers released an audio file containing the sounds of what they dubbed a “young baby Bigfoot”. The researchers also shared audio of a Sasquatch “scream” and “possible talking”.

In 2005, Courts Griner, a Texan college student said he was at her mother’s home in the northern part of the state when a few ape-like creatures purportedly climbed up onto the house’s roof. These beings, he told Cryptozoology News in 2014, appeared to be communicating with each other.

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  1. Chris

    May 8, 2015 at 3:47 am

    Replace “bigfoot” with “friend” and I believe him.

  2. Mathus

    May 27, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    That’s a human voice. Also although you can’t really tell with this sort of thing in inferior audio, it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the same place as the shaking tree. Sounds like it’s off to the left. And than of course the perfect framing, length of clip, convenient location…

    A fake, and a pretty weak one.

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