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Two Bigfoot Creatures Attempt to Hijack Truck in Mexico - Cryptozoology News
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Two Bigfoot Creatures Attempt to Hijack Truck in Mexico

A woman claims a pair of Bigfoot creatures chased her pickup truck while on a camping trip in Mexico.

The eyewitness, only known as Lilly, says she was 7 years old when the event took place back in 1985.

“We ended up going camping and we got there late, close to sunset, and when my parents were setting up camp they started hearing monkeys, my father said he could see the trees moving,” she told the host of the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast William Jevning. “My father thought it was ‘something with weight’, they sounded like monkeys. When it got darker, they started seeing huge shapes moving around the camp, and they started throwing things at us, so they put us in the back of the truck and took off,” she added.

According to Lilly, she and her brother and sister were sleeping when the initial incident occurred.

“I remember waking up because I smelled of gasoline,” she said. “I had a blanket over my head but I noticed no blanket underneath, so I thought ‘this is weird’. First thing I do is get up and try to look in the cabin to see what’s going on, because we weren’t allowed to drive in the back of the truck, ever.”

Her mother, she says, was pale and screaming and “hitting” her dad while asking him to drive faster. When the young girl asked the father for an explanation, she obtained no response.

At that moment, Lilly says she looked behind the truck and that she noticed something unusual.

“I was gonna crawl back under the cover, but I noticed movement behind the truck, and I look behind us, and the first thing that came through my mind was there is a bear chasing the truck.  I had seen bears and I thought it was a grizzly. It was pitch black, I kept looking at it, and it was keeping up with the truck, and there’s no way that a bear could keep up. My dad was going pretty fast.”

The unidentified animal was “running on its knuckles, not on its paws”, and “kind of sideways, favoring the right side”.

The witness described the animal as a “big black shape” with four legs.

“When it finally looked up I saw red eyes, but my dad told me that happened because of the lights,” she explained.

A truck drives fast in Mexico.“I looked again and I didn’t see it anymore, so I thought ‘oh, we must have lost it’. But then all of a sudden landed on the back of the truck, you know, grabbing on to the tailgate with its left hand, it was like on the back fender, and the weight of it made the truck move real bad.”

Even though the creature was reportedly trying to reach the girl’s face, Lilly says she didn’t feel scared.

“I didn’t get the impression that it wanted to grab me, I got the impression that it wanted me to take its hands.
It looked at me like…the eyes were really big and brown, but I got the impression that it was really curious, that’s the impression I got. I wasn’t afraid of it like I should have been… I was just thinking ‘what am I looking at?’ ” the woman told Jevning.

One of the things she said she managed to see clearly was the animal’s hand, which resembled a “gorilla’s hand” with “glossy nails”.

“Except that the fingers were longer somehow, but the skin is the same… leathery, all black, wrinkled leather look. The skin went all around over the edge of the hand, and the fingers were all just skin, there was fur on the back of the hand, and it went up to the arm.”

The beast, which reportedly made a “rumbling sound”, was still attached to the truck when Lilly’s father pointed his rifle at it through the window.

“It made a sound like ‘uhmmm’. He shot at it and it fell off the truck, rolled a few times, and I lost sight of it,” she said.

It was then that the witness noticed a second individual running next to the truck.

“Looked more like from the videos Ive seen what a Bigfoot would look like. It wasn’t muscular, really skinny, really hairy, brownish reddish fur.”

Lilly claims that she asked her father about the bizarre childhood encounter but the father always tries to dodge the question.

“He didn’t want to talk about it, he got upset. He said ‘yeah there was something in the truck and I shot it! I think I shot it in the head and that’s the end of it’.”

Bigfoot sightings in Mexico are rare and tend to remain undocumented.

Last June, an Ohio woman contacted Cryptozoology News claiming she had been repeatedly kidnapped by a group of Bigfoot beings starting in 1962.

The Sasquatch Chronicles podcast, formerly known as Bigfoot Hotspot, began airing in 2013 and is also co-hosted by researchers Shannon Legro, Wes Germer and Woody Pratt.

Jevning claims to have seen Bigfoot twice and is the author of Notes From the Field, Tracking North America’s Sasquatch, Haunted Valley, and In Search of the Unknown.

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