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Sighting Report:Bigfoot Crossing the Highway - Cryptozoology News
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Sighting Report:Bigfoot Crossing the Highway

Original e-mail, received on Dec. 2:

” Hi Michael,

I’ve been thinking about sending you this message for a week or so. After assessing the situation, I finally decided I would tell you my story but I won’t tell you my name. I am a public figure in Oregon and my reputation could be damaged to some extent if the word got out. Granted, the fact that I want to remain anonymous doesn’t mean that what I’m going to tell you today is not true. I am sure you’ll understand this.

oregon I-5 bigfoot

I-5 in Oregon by Doug Kerr http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en

Because of the nature of my work, I spend most of the time inside a vehicle. On Nov. 23, I was driving on the interstate 5, from Portland to Medford (North to South), when it happened. I’m not a good writer, and I’m afraid I’m not good at telling stories, but I’ll try to describe what I saw the best I can.

I drove past Canyonville, and as I approached Wolf Creek, I saw a familiar shape crossing the road. It was 12 p.m so there was enough light for me to see just fine. I know what I saw. I am glad I didn’t hit it, but it scared me to death. At first, I thought it was some crazy hunter trying to cross the highway to a better spot, but he wasn’t even running; he didn’t seem to be in a rush. A second glance allowed me to distinguish brown fur and after a closer look I could see a primate face; it clearly showed fear. I’ m pretty sure he was scared as he thought I’d run him over. Suddenly, he went from a bipedal position to a four legged one in less than a fraction of a second: the running speed that it then acquired was extraordinary. I’ve never seen deer run that fast.

I can’t get his face out of my head. It was a close call and I feel shaky now telling you about it. I have dreams about it every night. I don’t want to upset my wife and children, so I haven’t told them a word about it.

Anyway, I was hoping you could tell me if you had seen something like it before. After this, I installed a dash-cam in my car (I should have done this a long time ago and I now regret) in case something similar happens again. I drive through that zone weekly, so I’ll keep in touch if I am able to take a video.

Thank you in advance, maybe some of your readers have also seen something similar or can provide us with some input.”




Siskiyou National Forest

Siskiyou National Forest

Cryptozoology News reply:

Dear Public Figure in Oregon (sorry I didn’t know how to address you!),

I’m glad you contacted us. Your report is indeed peculiar.

Like you said, I’m sure you are familiar with deer, so I am going to go ahead and discard that possibility.

Now, how about a bear? Well, a bear could have certainly been the culprit. I took a look at the temperatures for your state in November, and they were warmer than usual. Bears could still be active around there. The primate face, however, is the biggest obstacle to the bear option.

I have received all sorts of reports, but none of a Bigfoot crossing the highway like this. I don’t believe a Bigfoot can run on its four legs. They seem to be bipedal creatures by nature. Perhaps our readers will shed some light on this issue.

It sounds like you want closure. Please, take a look at ads of missing pets around the area, maybe Craigslist, etc. (pay special attention to missing monkey pets, yes I know, it sounds crazy, but keep in mind we are talking about Bigfoot here).

I’m sorry about the nightmares. If you can, try to think of it as a regular animal. After all, if Bigfoot exists, it would be endemic to those woods in Oregon. I know it probably won’t help much. It was probably spooked by the cars, fleeing down to the Siskiyou National Forest. You didn’t say which direction it was going, so it’s also possible the animal was traveling north, towards the Crater Lake National Park.

Your story brings to mind that infamous video of the creepy creature crossing the highway in Wessex, UK. Take a look!


I hope the video doesn’t make your nightmares any worse.

Thank you for your story!

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