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Bigfoot Picture Taken in Lincolnshire, UK - Cryptozoology News
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Bigfoot Picture Taken in Lincolnshire, UK

The internet is overcrowded and we like it this way. The more people with online access, the more pictures. The more pictures, the more strange incidents to study.

BigfootresearchUK, a YouTube user and bigfoot researcher, posted a video of an interesting silhouette walking along a pathway among the Bourne woods, Lincolnshire, UK.

They state the following: “Note this is not the best quality because of the zoom, but you can see what could be a coned-head and long arm. The figure also appears quite tall and has dark brown fur all over,” and that in their opinion it is human. But is it? We don’t think so.

Let’s take a look at the photograph:


It looks like there is an animal on the frame, and it is a mammal; a quadrupedal. If you look closer, you can make out the figure of a bear standing on its hind legs. The similarities are astounding. Most animals use these pathways daily. Before you argue that bears went extinct in the UK long ago, think again. If you believe there’s a bigfoot living in the woods of any continent, certainly you’ll have no problem believing not all bears went extinct, right?

Plus, remember back in 2010 there were talks about reintroducing bears, wolves, lynx and elk into British landscape. Could have this program have started without the citizens of the UK knowing? Also, bears, big cats, etc, sometimes escape from zoos or abusive circuses and make it to the wilderness.

lincolnshire bigfoot

Looks familiar?

Looks familiar?

Of course, we can’t tell for sure that the element on the picture is a bear. It’d be easier to tell for certain if the video showed some movement instead of still frames. No matter how much we tried to enhance the quality of the picture at Cryptozoology News, the results were mediocre. The best bet, in our opinion, is a bear.

Any thoughts?




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  1. Michelle

    December 16, 2013 at 5:55 am

    Hi, I live in the Bourne area and know the woods pretty well. I would just like to comment about the Bear theory. Bourne Woods is a tiny piece of woodland, so I cannot see it being an ideal place to reintroduce any sort of animals of that size. Not only is the area too small, but it’s right on the edge of the town. Very close to residental areas and schools. Take a look on Google Maps and see for yourselves.
    As for the figure. I just think it’s just a human on the path that looks distorted by a lot of shadow play. I’m a pretty open minded person and I do think there is a lot of evidence the support the existence of large, undiscovered apes in this world. But just not in Bourne Woods.
    There is a legend though… It’s of the Shuck, (big black shaggy coated dog with red eyes) that roams along the tree line of the woods. 😉

  2. Louis

    December 18, 2013 at 3:57 am

    You are probably right Michelle. That’s a great first hand comment. If you live in the area, most likely it wasn’t a bear. However…in the US it is natural for some bears to wonder into urban areas every now and then in search of food. Perhaps, going back to the bear reintroduction theory, if that part of the country is semi-wild, it is possible for a wild animal to wonder away from a thicker wooded area, looking for food from hikers, nearby houses, trash, etc…

    If the picture was clearer, it’d be easier to tell.

  3. Michelle

    December 19, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Lincolnshire is mainly fenland. Miles apon miles of very flat wetland and drained out fields, and the occasional patch of woodland. I’m still very skeptical bears running wild in the UK, especially in Lincolnshire. But I suppose weirder things can, and have happened!
    Bourne Woods is very heavily used by dog walkers and ramblers, but I’ve not seen or heard of any reported sightings in, or anywhere around Bourne or Lincolnshire.

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