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Idaho Family Sees Human Lizard on Thanksgiving - Cryptozoology News
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Idaho Family Sees Human Lizard on Thanksgiving

Sweet, ID–There is a lizard the size of a man walking the streets of a small town in Idaho.

J.H. and his son claim they saw a reptilian creature the night of Nov. 28.

wood-pile“It was cold, one of the coldest Thanksgivings I can remember. My son was gathering wood outside for the fireplace so we could enjoy the game of bingo after having dinner, kind of a family tradition, when I heard him screaming,” said Jason, 84, the family’s oldest man.

But wood is not the only thing Jason’s son saw that night. “I’ll be damned if I tell you what I saw wasn’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen in my life,” said Barry, a 47-year-old farmer and father of three. “I tell you what, that wasn’t even funny. I was getting some wood from the pile outside the house and next to the porch when I heard the sound of something kicking a can or something. I looked up and I saw somebody tinkering with the house’s electrical panel which is located on the outside.” He states that when he approached the subject he felt some type of fear he had “never experienced before.”[ads2]


“So, I dropped the wood I had on my arms and ran towards the guy, keeping some distance. I wondered if he had a gun or something so I wanted to be careful enough. Hell, he was licking on the wiring and the switches and he had bumps all over his face. He turned his face at me and I could see it clear with the flashlight. You’ll think I’m crazy but he looked like a lizard, tongue, eyes and all, and he must have been as spooked as I was cause he ran like a squirrel as soon as I called my father out loud. Then I saw the tail, thick and gross, almost dragging on the ground. By the time dad came out with the shotgun it was gone.”

Barry said he didn’t notice any smell or sound coming from the creature, but that the electrical box had “saliva all over it,” claiming it was warm to the touch. There was no police report. Reptiles can control their body temperature by a process known as thermoregulation. These animals look for external sources of heat or cold in order to achieve the desired temperature.

Creature from The Black Lagoon

Creature from The Black Lagoon

Lizard people, also called reptoids, have been reported throughout History in ancient books and UFO sightings.  Commonly associated with alien abductions, reptile humanoids made the news in 1967 in Ashland, Nebraska, when Police Sergeant Herbert Schirmer claimed being kidnapped by the creatures. A similar case occurred in 1955 during the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter where two families in a farm house claimed to have seen little-goblin-like creatures and lights in the sky.

“One thing I know for sure is I’ll try to get dad help me out with the wood next time,” said Barry, laughing. Even though they felt like the creature was harmless, they don’t like the idea of the youngest members of the family playing around the old house. “I think we will be celebrating Thanksgiving somewhere else next year.”




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