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Second Brooklyn Attack: Pregnant Woman, Man, Assaulted by ‘Humanoid’ and UFO

NEW YORK — A man says he and his pregnant girlfriend were attacked by a unknown humanoid they said came out of a UFO in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn.

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The man, who chose to remain anonymous, said on Sunday that they were sitting on a bench located around W 31st when they noticed a flash of light in the sky.

“All of a sudden, the sand on the beach rolled up like a wave and then some craft, all black, was above us,” the man said, adding that they were not able to run, as he implied that the “bright light” was paralyzing the couple.

“We couldn’t move… I could see people walking past in my peripheral vision. My girlfriend was up with tears in her eyes.”

That’s when the eyewitness says the “humanoid figure” showed up, stepping behind the woman.

“It then vanished. We took off running and as we reached W 31st we saw something above the clouds.”

The man estimated the craft to be “larger than Central Park” and exhibited a circle of lights that appeared to rotate counter clockwise.

Then, reportedly a few additional smaller crafts came out of the larger one. The eyewitnesses say they were able to count them.

“13 smaller crafts came from the larger one, heading in separate directions. Then there was something that looked like a cloud, shaped like a ruler with definition. Another 7 black crafts in the same shape came out of it,” he claims. “The sky turned all sorts of colors and the clouds rolled in an indescribable way.”

The event, which purportedly took place a week prior to the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was believed to be the cause of an unusual “dark mark” on the baby’s heel, the man said.

“He was born on the 15th, on his left foot there is a dark mark, very defined, that looks like a UFO or pyramid.”

No other witnesses allegedly present during the incident have so far come forward.

Last month, another Brooklyn woman claimed to being sexually assaulted by alien beings and added that babies were being taken away from their mothers.

UFOs and humanoids have been frequently reported to show up near big bodies of water across the world.

In 2014, two technicians working for a major corporation said they saw humanoid-type creature hovering over the beaches of Necochea in two separate incidents.

Earlier this year, a 26-year-old man says he came upon three humanoid creatures on the beach in East Sussex, England.

And the Coney Island man, who says he knows the incident sounds hard to believe, has something to say to those who take it lightly.

“I honestly don’t care if this is taken as a joke. Just thought I’d share,” he said.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TONY

    June 28, 2016 at 6:23 am

    wonder why the ppl seen by the victims walking by in their peripheral vision didn’t seem to notice, maybe they have some type of device or method to hide themselves from non targeted ppl. so strange

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