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'Pterodactyl' Spotted in Texas - Cryptozoology News
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‘Pterodactyl’ Spotted in Texas

A man in Texas claims to have seen a dinosaur bird.

The anonymous San Benito man on Thursday said he was at his father’s farm with his friends when the event purportedly took place in 2015.

“We looked toward the south and witnessed a pterodactyl,” he told MUFON investigator L. Flechtner. “It was coasting along a ditch.”

The animal was described as having a wingspan of 10 feet and looked like a pterosaur.

The eyewitness says the strange bird disappeared into what looked like a “wormhole”.

In 1890, Arizona newspaper The Tombstone Epitaph reported that two ranchers had allegedly killed a “winged monster” similar to an “alligator” in the desert between the Whetsone and Huachuca mountains.

In 1927, a similar event reportedly took place in the Australian town of Fernvale when a few giant birds visited the area, causing panic among the town’s residents.

In August 2015, a man in Michigan claimed to have seen a “giant bird” with a 10-foot wingspan.

In July 2015, two people in Nevada reported seeing a creature that reminded them of a pterosaur, a flying reptile believed to have gone extinct about 65 million years ago.

Two weeks later, a minister and her daughter claimed to have seen an unidentified flying creature that looked like it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”.

Thunderbird, also known as Roc, is the nomenclature used by Native Americans to refer to bird-like creatures with reptile features that are believed to be related to the extinct pterosaurs.

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  1. Brea

    October 18, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    In the summer of 2015, I had placed my office desk, chair and my laptop on my sunporch by the main windows facing the backyard. I was keeping an eye out for wildlife that liked to wander through my yard, for I live on a mountain. Playing on my computer allowed me to sit still enough that my presence wasn’t noticeable to any passing wildlife. In the early afternoon, around one or two o’clock, I was siting there at my desk while watching a small flock of birds fly past the top of the trees in my backyard. They were in a big hurry. Then, after they had passed, a much slower, lazy-flying animal came over the trees, heading in the same direction as the birds, as if following them but taking it’s time to do so. I got a good look at it. It had NO crest on it’s head, just a lizard-like head. The wings looked a bit bat-like in shape and it’s tail had a tuft of something on it’s end. I couldn’t see any legs or feet. I don’t know what that tuft was at the end of the tail. I just know it was definitely a tail and not legs. It looked exactly like a pterodactyl to me and it scared me to pieces. I told my brother about it later that same day and he said that it probably was a crane because oftentimes cranes have been mistaken for pterodactyls if they are far enough away from the viewer. So I went online to see if this thing might have been a crane. No, it couldn’t have been because I could see that crane’s legs flap a bit and separate from one another while they fly. It’s easy enough to tell that it is “legs” one is seeing when a crane flies and not a tail. The creature I saw definitely had a long, narrow tail like a very thick rope. This creature also flew slower than any cranes I saw in any of those videos I watched. It didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. It’s body kind of dipped every time it flapped it’s wings but it didn’t flap them much. It mostly glided, with an occasional beat of the wings just often enough to keep it afloat on the wind currents. I sat there with my jaw open, drinking in the sight. For the rest of that summer I was afraid to go outside because of what I had seen that day. Today is October, 2018 and I haven’t seen it since.

    • Tony

      November 26, 2018 at 11:24 pm

      Awesome encounter. May I ask what state this was in?

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