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This is NOT a Giant ‘UFO’ in Canada

A man in Canada on Tuesday revealed a photograph he believes could be a UFO.

The anonymous man, out of Richmond West, Winnipeg said he took the picture near the Kirkbridge railroad crossing the night of September 30.

“I was on my way to the store, which is visible on the far right corner of the image. I just got the new iPhone and wanted to try out the new camera,” he said on MUFON.

The photograph shows a railroad crossing with a series of green traffic lights and two cars. The sky appears to be populated by a few lights that initially indicate a hidden unidentified flying object.

Credit: MUFON

He said he didn’t notice the strange lights in the sky until two days later when he decided to use the image as a wallpaper for this computer.

“I instantly sweated a bit and skipped a beat… first time this has happened to me.”

However, Cryptozoology News notes, while the eyewitness doesn’t indicate the position of the camera at the time of the photograph –whether inside or outside a vehicle– it seems clear that the alleged UFO is formed by the reflection of the railroad lights on the front windshield and the four lights of the vehicles, as they appear to be mirrored on the submitted photograph.

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