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Michigan Fisherman Takes ‘Bigfoot’ Picture

A man in northern Michigan released a photograph of an alleged Bigfoot creature.

The man, who goes by the name of Jack, claims he was on a fishing trip when he came upon the seemingly bipedal animal, which he initially though to be a bear.

“It was about six feet tall and had a human-like figure,” he told Bigfoot Evidence earlier this week, not specifying when the encounter happened. “It had a high-pitch growl. We made eye contact and we both froze in our tracks.”

The shadowy figure then reportedly ran off into the woods.

Credit: Jack/Bigfoot Evidence

“I went back later on and camped there, just to see if I got lucky and get more pictures,” he said. But he turned out empty handed.

Jack believes it was a juvenile Bigfoot, mainly because of its relatively short height.

It is not clear why the eyewitness didn’t take a video instead of a series of photographs.

Last month, another man in Michigan said he had encountered a similar creature in 2017. He claimed the biped had a four-legged “pet” with him.

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