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Man Films ‘Bigfoot’ in Kentucky Woods

Ky. — A man released a video on Friday containing what he calls a Bigfoot in an undisclosed wooded area of Kentucky.

Kirk Stokes, who has been sharing his findings since 2012, says he captured the low quality images with his cellphone.

“This was a creepy area, I filmed the annubis looking Dogman here before,” the amateur researcher explained. “My only regret that the Bigfoot was so far out,” he added.

The 1-minute-long video shows a brown human-like figure standing behind a tree. As Stokes moves the camera around, the head of the purported individual starts moving. The audio lacks the usual animal activity heard on some of his other videos, such as birds and insects, although the time of the recording was not specified.

“I put the original part first, so you could see how far away I had to zoom, but then I tried to enlarge the rest but this thing head was swiveling… it had to be big,” says Stokes, adding that he was about 200 yards away from the subject.

The videographer claims most of his videos are uncut and unedited because, he says, that way people can see it as he saw it.

It didn’t take long for YouTube users to comment on the video, some immediately pointing out the low quality of the images, uploaded at a mere 360p.

“Can someone donate a decent camera to Kirk, seems like a lot of this activity could be filmed much clearer and with more zoom,” says Rivercarper01.

And Stokes says that’s the best he could do with his current cellphone, explaining that the footage was a “fair shot” given the circumstances.

bigfoot kentucky

Either way, he says, there is an animal there and it’s moving. But then, as another YouTube user points out, why didn’t Stokes walk toward the supposed creature to get a better shot?

“It wouldn’t have been wise to walk all that way to them… I was by myself and I never go armed,” replies the Kentuckian.

But what he says he is certain that it was definitely an animal and “not a canine” such as a “dog, wolf, coyote or fox”.

Stokes says he started his YouTube channel to show the different cryptids he thinks inhabit Kentucky.

“I do it to show, I’m not trying to go viral, I’ve had shots that should have though,” he said.

Kentucky has had a fair share of recent “Bigfoot” sightings.

Last year, a woman claimed to have seen the creature in the middle of a road next to a crew of workers. A week earlier, a man camping with his family at Kentucky’s Taylorsville Lake said he was confronted by the unproven animal.

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  1. Jim A.

    September 13, 2015 at 5:17 am

    On the TV show searching for bigfoot, a video was caught of a humanoid figure walking away through a wooded area on night vision. I thought it was quite compelling, considering they were in a wildlife management area at night and far from anyone who could have been out for a walk in the woods.

  2. Stefan

    September 22, 2015 at 6:07 am

    Agree that quality is much too low to make any real determination. Just playing the odds of most likely animals, assuming it’s not a hoax, my first guess would be bear. This is why Bigfoot researchers must be thorough and not rely on cell phone cams for such filming, unless of course it’s all that’s available.

  3. pepper

    January 31, 2016 at 12:07 am

    For the man with the time lapse camera pics, you say it’s an uninhibited area but sure seems to be alot of cars and people walking around. Maybe it was a juvinile bigfoot or a skinny bear. I have seen bears stand and walk like humans and if its hot out and they don’t want to burn there footsies on the hot pavement but it sure did disappear fast in that five second shot. Just saying.

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