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‘Dogman’ or ‘Bigfoot’ Captured on Video in Kentucky

Ky. —  A man has released the images of a creature he believes could be either the “Dogman” or “Bigfoot”.

Kentuckian Kirk Stokes has been looking for cryptids and uploading his findings to YouTube since 2012.

“Most all my videos are uncut and unedited, that way people can see it as I saw it,” he says.

He explains he started his YouTube channel to show people the different creatures he has seen throughout the years.

“Like Bigfoot, Dogman, UFO and other cryptids that are seen in Kentucky.”

His most recent video, he says, contains “definitely” either “Dogman” or some type of “Squatch”.

Part of the new footage, which he said he did not want to release in its entirety because he is waiting for someone else to break it down for him, shows the movie stills the moment he reportedly noticed the moving “creature” hiding behind the green vegetation in an undisclosed location of the Bluegrass State.

“It was in motion. It’s broken down into clips off my camera. I was in this area and I got his guy on film. If you watch it frame by frame, it’s a lot clearer,” specifies Stokes. “You can see the eye sockets, the nose, kind of see some ears. You can make out the facial features. I wanna say Dogman, but down this area it’s possible it could be a Squatch.”

Stokes believes the alleged creature is a female.

“Folks it’s not a hog,” he replies to some curious viewers pointing out the possibility of animal misidentification. “Her eyes are opening and closing. It was kind of creepy looking… it is kind of a creepy area. I know it’s a female and leaning more Squatch… look at the eye sockets.”

He said he will be releasing the entire video soon.

The Dogman is a cryptid reputed to live in the northwestern quadrant of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, although other sightings have been reported in different locations, such as Kentucky. The beast was first reported to have been seen in 1887 by two lumberjacks, who described it as having a human body and a dog’s head.

Earlier this year, a woman told Cryptozoology News that she had witnessed an encounter between a group of Bigfoot and Dogman creatures in what looked like some sort of symbiosis, reminding her of the “relationship between crocodiles and hippos”. She described the animals as being the size of a man with pointy ears placed on the top of their heads. Their bodies were reportedly covered in a brown patchy hair and had “human-like fingers with thick claws”. The woman also released a 17-second-long video last year of what she believed to be a “Dogman beast”.

Last year, Dale Boswell, an Alabama musician released the photograph of an unknown animal many believed to be a “Dogman” or a “Bigfoot” creature “eating its prey”. Boswell told Cryptozoology News that the photographer was a “frightened hunter” from eastern Texas.

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  1. Shelly Chapman

    August 28, 2015 at 10:09 am

    That first video looks like a German Shepherd to me. I’m not saying bigfoot or dogman isn’t out there, but that’s not one of them.

  2. Charlie Adams in Kentucky

    May 24, 2018 at 9:02 am

    What a load of codswallop…

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