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Hoax? Canadian Captures ‘Bigfoot’ on Camera

CANADA — A man has released a video he says contains a “Bigfoot” creature roaming the woods of an undisclosed location in New Brunswick.

Alec McGrath last Friday said he captured the images with the help of a trail camera and “some apples”.

“I’ve got some possible ‘Bigfoot’ evidence here from my trail cam. I typically have my camera on picture mod, but this time I decided to put it on video mode,” he said. “I had my trail cam set to only take 10-second videos.”

McGrath, a musician who also likes recreating famous movie scenes, says the footage additionally contains some unusual audio.

“You can hear sounds and tree knocking in the background. And just before the video stops, you can hear a louder call being cut off.”

The 10-second video, taken at night, shows a pair of shinning eyes moving behind the thick vegetation. There are also “whoops” and primate-like sounds that can be heard throughout the short film.

The young musician claims he usually leaves apples at the same spot, only to later disappear mysteriously. But now, he says he knows what has been eating the fruit.

“So I’d look through my pictures and I’d see the apples in the first few pictures, then all of a sudden, there’s no apples. Gone! No idea why… until now.”

According to some Bigfoot researchers, the unproven creature has a taste for apples and is usually spotted around fruit trees.

AJ Marston, member of the cryptid research organization Team Rogue, says he has a theory about Bigfoot’s eating habits.

“Apples have some key role for nutrition, when it comes to looking for cryptids, because out of the majority of the stories I’ve read, you can find apples as indigenous fruit that were there…in the Himalayas, the Ukraine, in China, all through the northeast and even up in the Oregon areas and Alaska, they all have apples, so it’s something that holds a lot of vitamins and nutrition, and sugars that a large animal would need regularly. Back there I found a bunch of apple trees that had been overgrown by other bushes, but you could still see the remnants of the crab apples, which is a good source for deer, and moose and bear, and the cryptids around them,” explains Marston.

Last year, a pair of researchers in Australia released a controversial video showing a similar creature the locals refer to as “Yowie”. They also claimed to had baited the purported animal with apples. The video attracted bouts of critics and curious viewers who believed the images were nothing but a hoax. The two men, to this day, maintain the footage is real.

It is not clear whether McGrath’s 10-second video has been doctored. Even though the musician claims it is real, a quick look into the man’s background shows his affinity to create animation videos he then shares on a different channel. He makes no mention of his animation hobby on his “Bigfoot” video.

Facebook users commenting on this article have also pointed out that the video is most likely a hoax, as the man is allegedly using Ronald J. Morehead’s famous Sierra sounds.

Ronald J. Morehead also commented on the article.

“It sure sounds like my stuff, which is copyrighted,” Morehead wrote.

morehead facebook comment sierra sounds

Today’s technologies, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, have positively and negatively influenced the way the public looks at cryptozoology by allowing pranksters and legitimate eyewitnesses alike to easily publish their stories globally.

New Brunswick, a province in Canada adjacent to the US state of Maine, comprises a portion of the Appalachian mountains.

Update 7/21/2015: The video has been removed by its author.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. DaveO

    July 20, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    I thought reflective eyes were mostly seen when looking almost directly looking into illumination? Looks like animation to me.

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