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Man: I captured audio of Bigfoot

A Kentucky man says he has possibly captured the sound of a “Bigfoot” creature.

Whitesburg resident Shaun Hammonds captured the unidentified sounds earlier this month near his property.

The 46-second-long video, originally captured on TikTok and later posted to Facebook, shows an area with dense vegetation as Hammonds points the camera in direction of the alleged source of a series of what he believes could be primate vocalizations.

“Lil’Mama heard it with me and we can both tell you that’s no Elk Bear our Coyote that sound pierces your soul it’s unlike anything I’ve heard in these mountains,” he said.

In 2017, three people in Florida shared the audio of what they claimed to contain the sound of an “angry Bigfoot”.

In 2015, researcher Randy Savig told Cryptozoology News he had recorded the sounds of a bipedal creature out of the Missouri woods.

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