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British Man Records ‘Bigfoot’ Sounds at Sherwood Forest

NOTTINGHAM, England — A man captured a string of “laughing-like” vocalizations some people believe could be the British Bigfoot.

Bigfoot enthusiast and researcher Adam Bird was with his team mate exploring Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest when he captured the mysterious sounds on March 1.

“Some of the strange vocalizations sounded like screeching,” Bird, also the founder of the British Bigfoot Research Facebook group, said. “Some sounded almost like a hyena’s laughter.”

He captured the purported vocalizations in a 9-minute video he posted on YouTube. In it, the two men are walking the forest as Bird holds the camera. The other man is seen attempting to communicate with the alleged beast by means of “wood knocking” and screaming. After five minutes of filming, Bird notices the first set of sounds. After the unidentified sounds subside, Bird says, the forest “fell silent”.

But Bird is not making any specific claims as to what made the sounds. They want other people to listen to the “screeching” and provide constructive feedback.

In December of 2014, Bird claimed to have photographed the unproven animal while investigating a wooded area in the Friskney Nature Reserve. The images showed a hominid-like silhouette supposedly hiding behind the trees.

bigfoot britain

The unidentified dark shape stands behind a few dried branches in 2014. Credit: Adam Bird.

Reports of Bigfoot in Great Britain are uncommon. In early January a woman said she had spotted a 7-feet-tall Bigfoot in Scotland. She now leads a team of researchers dedicated to finding evidence to prove the beast’s existence.

Home of legendary Robin Hood, the Sherwood Forest is formed by over 1,000 acres encompassing the village of Edwinstowe.

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  1. daniel clavette

    March 21, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    That is truly one best bigfoot souds records sounds by that british man.

  2. NiceButOdd

    October 12, 2017 at 4:24 am

    When it is a sighting in the UK, this site uses words such as ‘supposed’, ‘Purported’ and the like, but never in US reports.

    Not sure where this site is based, but I detect a trend of bias.

    I has always been my belief that those reporting on the paranormal field should be wholly impartial, it might be worth remembering this!

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