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New ‘Bigfoot’ Photographs, Audio Emerges in Kentucky

Ky. — A Kentucky resident says he was able to take two pictures of a creature he said resembled a Bigfoot.

The man, who didn’t provide a name, said he spotted the animal next to a field in an undisclosed wooded area.

The sighting was reported to Thomas Marcum, founder of the Crypto Crew, last week. Marcum says the eyewitness is a “credible person” and that the sighting occurred on the evening of Nov. 2.

Reportedly, the man used his cell phone to take the two photographs. The photographs, which Marcum says were cropped in order to hide the location of the eyewitness, show a dark, blurry figure standing next to a tree.

bigfoot kentucky marcum

The investigators suspect this blurry shape could be Bigfoot. Credit: CryptoCrew

“The pictures were taken from a long distance,” said Marcum. “The witness said the figure was moving to the right.”

The researcher added that he and his team immediately conducted an investigation and that “evidence was quickly found”.

“It was in the form of tree breaks. The area has a very recent history of Bigfoot sightings, so we have reason to believe that the creature might still be in the area.”

The photographer did not provide a physical description of the purported creature and did not specify the duration of the sighting.

Marcum, who claims over 20 years of experience researching the paranormal, also released an audio file containing the sounds of what he believes could be the same animal.

The researcher said his team will continue their efforts with the investigation for a few more days.

Last August, a woman claimed to have seen a red Bigfoot in the middle of a Kentucky road.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jeff adamson

    November 21, 2015 at 3:23 am

    If he had time to pull out his phone, he had time to pull out his gun. Wouldnt an actual BODY be better evidence than this “photo”?

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