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Chilling “Bigfoot Calls” Recorded in Washington

A man in an undisclosed location of western Washington has captured the sound of a group of animal calls that resemble those of primates.

Russell Wiitala, who claims to know different “Bigfoot clans” and to interact with them regularly, says the sounds occurred at 2.25 a.m. Monday.

“I’ve been hearing this clan and maybe another for several weeks in this area,” he said.

The one-minute long audio file, recorded with a recently purchased Sony ICD-PX 312 digital voice recorder, consists of a series of high pitched “calls” followed by a few “knocks” that appear to come from the deep woods.

“I believe this is a juvenile male having fun. He woke me up so that I wouldn’t miss his impressive call,” Wiitala explains. “A few seconds after the call you can hear, who I think is his younger brother stationed to the northeast, knock in reply to the call. I awoke to hear the older brother retreat into the woods to the south, for a few yards, before letting go with this awesome call,” he said about the audio.

A video taken at the same location shows “pushed down” trees that the photographer believes were left that way by a tribe of Bigfoot living in the area. He claims to have been “interacting with this clan” since August.

“I’ve heard them almost every time I’ve gone to this area. The young ones come into camp every night.”

But this is not the only region where Wiitala has reportedly come this close to the alleged creatures. Last March, he claimed to have been interacting with a different “clan” from another area, feeding them all sorts of treats.

And as he meticulously documented the results on video, he figured the big cryptid doesn’t like cookies.

“I took four new people up there. I said ‘Hello’ and we left treats placed on a very precariously balanced log.  The treats were gone by the next morning. The Oreo cookies were not all taken. They must not like the cookies and only took two,” he explained.

Last week a man in Mississippi released an audio file containing the audio of what he called “possible Bigfoot sounds”.

In May, two friends were reportedly fishing a Kentucky lake when they recorded “Bigfoot screams”.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave

    January 28, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Those are hoot owls retard. I’m on Vashon and personally watch them make those calls, woops etc, hear them every night actually! Must be some kind of joke I gather, everyone flipping knows that in Washington! And the trees, jezus, get out more, that’s called mother nature lol, don’t post false shi……….. no credibility equals just more scorn and negative close mindedness towards something that may exist …

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