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New Loch Ness Monster Video Emerges

FOYERS — A man has released video and photographs that contain what he believes could be the Loch Ness monster, a cryptid also known as Nessie.

John Gillies says he was staying at Foyers Bay Lodges when he captured the footage.

“We took some footage clips and lots of in and around Loch Ness at Foyers,” he said.

The clip, consisting of seven seconds of footage, shows a portion of the famous lake with what appears to be the neck and head of the creature coming out of the water. Additionally, photographs were also taken, he said, which show a clearer image of the alleged sighting.

“Never seen this when taken the pictures, I was just looking over the pictures today. But you can see some thing is there,” Gillies explains. “On one of the pictures there is something on Loch Ness, it’s about half way across the Loch,” he added.

When he noticed the anomaly on the picture, Gillies “zoomed in and cropped” it, in order to make a “close up of Nessie”.

Zoomed in picture depicts purported Nessie coming through the water surface. Credit: John Gillies/YouTube
Zoomed in picture depicts purported Nessie coming through the water’s surface. Credit: John Gillies/YouTube

The photographer has a YouTube channel where he updates “UFO clips and footage taken from different locations around Scotland”. He is also the writer of a blog he uses to tell about his findings.

The village of Foyers is located on the east shore of Loch Ness and is crossed by the military road B852.

The Loch Ness monster is a creature that was reportedly first seen in 1933 by Londoner George Spicer, who claimed to have seen “a dragon or prehistoric animal” carrying an animal in its mouth. Seven months later, the first purported picture of the cryptid was taken by Hugh Gray. Subsequent photographs were also produced throughout the years, although many of them have been proven to be hoaxes or floating tree branches.



Front page picture taken by Gregory J Kingsley under CC BY SA 3.0


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