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Researcher Shares Audio Recording of ‘Sasquatch Speech’

A man says the audio recording he captured a few days ago could be a conversation between Bigfoot creatures.

The Sasquatchmaster, an independent Bigfoot researcher who has been chronicling what he believes could be “evidence toward the existence of a Sasquatch creature” for over three years, says he and his team were retrieving multiple digital voice recorders set in an undisclosed location when they discovered the peculiar audio.

“We are in no way saying that they are in fact Sasquatches..only that they are what we believe a Sasquatch to be,” he explains about his work.

The file consists of two minutes of distorted human-like speech that resembles a radio interference.

“Almost human sounding…but not quite,” he said about the discovery.

He also claims that the occurrence took place at a spot where they know “Sasquatches are hiding”.

The sounds have also captured the attention of some YouTube viewers.

“It does sound pretty human to me, only a bit deeper than most of us would sound like, and it’s definitely not any language I know and I therefore don’t understand any of it. What also surprises me is the echo effect,” says Arjen Prins.

But others believe it is time for people to “stop buying” into “poorly” created “hoaxes”.

“Being that I produce music, I downloaded the audio and reversed it, and it’s just plain old English that he is playing backwards through the program you see on the video. The ‘echo’ is probably just poorly added reverb and the hi-pass on this whole think is just cranked. Hoax,” user Milkywayhiphop explained.

Back in April, the Sasquatchmaster gave his viewers a “quick walk through a Sasquatch sleeping area”.

And it was only six days ago when he uploaded the video of an alleged group of Bigfoot creatures hiding behind some trees.

“Yes there are Sasquatches in those trees,” he said.

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