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Bigfoot Screams Recorded in Washington

In a chilling audio release Wednesday, a man compared two different alleged Bigfoot screams recorded in Washington state.

PuyallupIn a chilling audio release Wednesday, a man compared two different alleged Bigfoot screams recorded in Washington state.

The man, Adam Bird, posted a minute and a half long video on YouTube claiming the two audio files were recorded fourteen years apart. The end of the video features a Facebook group called “Bigfoot: Believers only“, whose owners Adam and Paul describe as “a place to discuss Bigfoot”.

According to the video, the first scream was recorded in 1979 in Snohomish,Washington. The second vocalization purportedly occurred in 1993 in Puyallup, a town in the evergreen state with an estimated population of 38,000 people.

The audio quality appears to be unfiltered and distorted.

An audio analysis reveals the first scream sounds astoundingly human, whereas the second one has a higher pitch and possibly coming from an unknown animal; the 1993 recording also features a human voice in the background reacting to the terrifying sound, which would add more credibility to this segment.

It is unclear whether the two audio files were recorded by the same person.

Credit: Bigfoot by Bob Doran CC BY 2.0

The Bigfoot creature is known among the Native Americans in the Northwest. Their legends describe a nocturnal animal about 9 feet tall, hairy and smelly. According to their beliefs, sometimes Bigfoot unknowingly takes things from the tribes and even kidnaps women. Depending on the tribe, there are two types of Bigfoot: benevolent and malevolent. The good Bigfoot often communicates with the tribes through sign language, while the “mean” one attacks and eats humans.

In 1996, a man, also from Washington state, placed a disturbing 911 call claiming that “someone or something that looked like a 6-9 feet tall man” was inside his property.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alan Lowey

    March 7, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    The caller said 6ft9 not 9 feet tall. The entity doesn’t have to be a bigfoot-like entity. There’s the ‘other’ type which is described as dressed in black which is a better fit imo. Interesting audo and genuine imv

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