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Dwarf Bigfoot Spotted in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — A woman says she saw a small ape running in front of her Monday.The witness, 32-year-old C. Kozcenski…

Los AngelesLOS ANGELES — A woman says she saw a small ape running in front of her Monday.

The witness, 32-year-old C. Kozcenski, told Cryptozoology News she had just arrived in LA when she took a cab to her friend’s house.

“I come to LA once a year to visit my old college friend. After I got here, I got my luggage and got on a cab to my friend’s.”

Minutes before reaching her destination, Kozcenski says the cab driver came to a sudden stop.

“I asked the guy and he said he thought he had seen a little kid crossing the road and that he was afraid he would run him over. So I look through the window and I see this 3-feet animal walking quite fast. He looked kind of like a chimpanzee, but he had long hair and long ears, floppy like a dog.”

Allegedly, Kozcenski wanted to come out of the car to take a closer look but the cab driver asked her not to.

“He got mad, he said he didn’t care whatever the hell that was, that he didn’t have time for crap and that he didn’t want me to get hit by another car. So the thing kind of looked at me for a second, I saw those eyes and they were human. There wasn’t any hair around the eyes, or the nose, the mouth had a little more hair and the rest was full of thick black hair. Then it came to the other side of the road and climbed a palm tree. He looked scared…I felt sad for him. I don’t believe anybody was walking nearby, it was dark but I was able to see the face.”

She wanted to stay there longer, she says, but the driver requested a “ridiculous amount of money” in order to have him to park there.

Skunk Ape, in the public domain
Public domain

“He asked for $600 just to park there for a few minutes. I wanted to get the hell out of that car but if I did I know I wouldn’t be safe. I am not from here, I am basically a tourist and I was afraid I’d get mugged, or worse. But that was really weird.”

A similar incident was reported in Detroit last month when a family witnessed a strange ape-looking animal coming out of a house.

“Well, I mean, yeah, it could have been a short homeless man or a disabled person with a wig and a costume, or a little person, I know it wasn’t a monkey, the way it walked seemed too human for it to be a monkey you know? That was something else.”



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